Paranoramal Romance Cover Poll
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This month, Paraphernalia would like the readers to share their opinions regarding romance covers. On this page are a variety of samples of different styles of romance covers. We are not asking for ratings of specific covers but rather would like some input as to the appeal of the various styles. Please take a moment to participate in the PNR Paraphernalia Cover Poll. Look for the results of the Cover Poll in the June issue of Paraphernalia.

Do covers influence what books you will or will not purchase?
Not Sure

Which style of cover do you prefer: model, object, or the new non-model people covers?
Model on Cover
Object such as flower, fan, or clothing, no people
Stylized Design
Not Sure

Which do you feel should be more prominent, the book's title or the author's name?
Book Title should be LARGEST
Author Name should be LARGEST
Not Sure

Do you feel simple print makes it easier to find a title you are looking for?
Simple print
Fancy print on the book cover
Not Sure

Do you find that a strong contrast between text and the background desirable?
Yes, strong contrast is better
No, strong contrast is not necessary
Not Sure

What aspect of a cover would be most likely to influence an impulse buy: color, text, or graphics?
Color influences me most strongly
Text influences me most strongly
Graphics influence me most strongly
Not Sure