Friday, December 5, 2008

Review: Elfing Around

Elfing Around
J Morgan
Lyrical Press
December 1, 2008
ISBN# not assigned
E-book ~54 pages
Price: $2.50
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Holiday Fantasy
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“Who wants to be on the nice list when you can be so naughty?”

Santa’s elf Essie, is not your typical elf. First off, she is a drop dead gorgeous blonde who most men would drool over. Secondly, she doesn’t build toys; Essie is an apprentice in training, she makes sure the naughty people are still being naughty and the nice people on the list stay nice. Essie has an assignment from Santa; she must keep an eye on the people of Shelton. To keep herself protected Essie has a neat little gadget she can use called the Eub2000 that makes her invisible so she can observe the people. While out on her mission, Essie’s Eub loses its charge and her cloaking device fails. Essie is soon picked up by a cop who thinks she is a whore; he takes her to the local jail where she meets Sheriff Dalton. The Sheriff releases Essie from jail, after all she didn’t do anything wrong, she was falsely accused by the cop. Sheriff Dalton invites Essie to come stay at his place, since she has no family or friends around. Essie is so attracted to Dalton she could not turn down his invitation. However, while Essie is at Dalton’s house she must be on her best behavior, other elves will soon be looking for her. But Essie wants nothing more than to be naughty this Christmas.

Elfing Around is without a doubt one of the best Christmas romances I have read so far. I absolutely love the characters and their snarky sense of humor. I was in tears laughing at some of the stuff that was said. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a little naughty this Christmas.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
December 2008

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review: Passions

by Jennifer Cole
Lyrical Press
ISBN-10: not assigned
November 3, 2008
Pages: 129
Erotic Paranormal
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“vivid descriptions and loaded with passion”

Jana has finally escaped her troubled past, including a brief and abusive relationship. She makes it to a small island, home of Passions Resort. The resort is for adults and Jana is intrigued. She lands a job and quickly begins enjoying her new job and the benefit of living in the luxurious resort.

Tristan and Travis come from another realm and have supernatural abilities. They have been looking for their mate for 5 years and have been to Passions several times, hoping to find her there. When they first lay eyes on Jana, they know that they have finally found her. Now, they must convince her that she belongs to them and ease her into the knowledge that they have supernatural powers and live in another world.

Ms. Cole has written a great book, full of vivid descriptions and loaded with passion. Jana has lived a hard life and deals with many insecurities, but is a strong lady, starting over. Tristan and Travis are sexy and very large alpha males with extraordinary talents. I enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading erotic paranormal romance.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
November 2008

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Review: At the Dungeon Master’s Hand

At the Dungeon Master’s Hand
by Jennifer Cole
Lyrical Press
ISBN: not assigned
August 4, 2008
Length: Short
Genre: Erotica/BDSM
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Natalie wanted to be the newest copy editor of the magazine she worked for. So when a big project came up, she took it on willingly, and worked it straight for six weeks. Finally putting the layout to bed, her two best friends decided she needed to walk on the wild side at Le Club d’Esclavage, a BDSM club. There was really only one rule that worried Natalie. When you cross the threshold into Le Club d’Esclavage, it is your desire to participate completely in our manner of play, and such will be expected of you.

Max has had a crush on Natalie for so long; he can hardly believe she came to the club. He has dreamed of taking her in so many ways, and she was finally here. But will Natalie make his dreams come true, or will she walk away?

This story was riveting. I can feel my pupils dilating just thinking about how to describe it. This story taps into the suppressed desires most of us harbor, and gives you a guilt free way to live them. The book is quick paced and erotically action packed. The author must have loved the research that went into this tale, and tapping into her darker side must have been a fascinating experience. I would definitely love to see more from her.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews
July 31, 2008

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Review: Time For Clocks and Demons

Time for Clocks and Demons
By Anthony Stevens
Lyrical Press
June 16, 2008
ISBN# not assigned
Erotic Fantasy Anthology

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Time for Clocks and Demons is a trilogy containing very different and unique stories, each one unlike the others. Oh, and did I mention they are VERY hot stories, because they are, reader be warned that this book contains very explicit sexual content, and it’s amazing sex at that! You will be burning up after this.

In the story Clockmaker, we meet the spoiled little rich brat, Claudia. Claudia is about to get a serious lesson in erotic humility by the Clockmaker. He will teach Claudia a lesson not soon forgotten. Her erotic lessons in submission to the Clockmaker will leave you breathless. In the short story called The Weekend, a husband and wife plan a trip to get away from it all. However, hubby has plans all his own for his lovely wife. His wife is going to be his willing slave, and she is going to submit to him and enjoy every strict "lesson", every one of them. This is a highly erotic tale, with stringent rules to play by, very exciting. The final story in this super hot BDSM trilogy is called Three Demon Night. In this tale you will meet a newly married couple who are about to get a wedding present they will never forget. A Djinn will whisk the couple away for a sexual romp neither will forget anytime soon. This story is full of all sorts of sexual surprises and both are left fully sated after and ready to start their married life together.

Anthony Stevens has the ability to write very different material, this book contains three very unique stories and each is totally enjoyable. I am sure that the future holds equally unique works to come from this author and his BDSM Scenes are not soon forgotten. It's highly erotic and sexually charged, containing sexual content not for the "faint of heart", it's a lesson in mastery and submission. If you are a lover of BDSM erotica, you will love this trilogy. It is extreme in some sections, beyond heated, and I highly enjoyed every second of it.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
June 21, 2008

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