Friday, December 12, 2008

Review: The Sword and the Slave

The Sword and the Slave: Damsels of Distress Book 2
Michelle L. Levigne
New Concepts Publishing
October 2007
ISBN: not assigned
E-book: Long Novella
Price: $3.99
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
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Adon, Chief Physician and son of Prime Minister Naqueron and Adieri, a strong magical healer, are taken by General Istrak, leader of the Parsadi Empire's army, as a peace hostage. A peace hostage is essentially a slave who is fitted with a collar which controls his behavior. Adon is surprised to learn that General Istrak is a beautiful woman and the princess of the empire. General Istrak is L'istra's ceremonial title, and she has fought hard to obtain her status
and feel in control. L'istra and Adon are drawn to each other, but how can a princess and a slave have an equal relationship?

THE SWORD AND THE SLAVE is a wonderful fantasy romance with a very different sort of hero, and a strong but wounded heroine. Adon is a beta hero, but don't think that makes him weak, because he has great inner strength. It is in Adon's nature to seek to heal, and L'istra's
wounded spirit calls to him. L'istra had a traumatic and shattering experience as a young child and has covered her fears well, but the nightmares continue. Slowly, Adon gains L'istra's trust and helps her to heal. Adon is a great hero-- a pleasant change from the usual alpha.

I highly recommend THE SWORD AND THE SLAVE.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
December 2008

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