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Review: S.E.T.H.

Jaden Sinclair
Midnight Showcase Fiction
November 30, 2008
ISBN: not assigned
Price: $5.99
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
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S.E.T.H was designed for the military in the hopes that the computer program would become a super military power, he would be the ultimate in military high tech design. Only Seth was learning, he was designed to learn what is true, but he wasn't designed to learn emotions. Seth learned that all on his own. As Seth begins to develop emotions he finds that his strange attraction for Alyna Satara go much further than mere curiosity at this human woman, he finds he has fallen in love with Alyna. Soon, Seth will be free of the machine, free to take a body developed for him. He will then take the woman he knows is destined for him as well. The only problem? Getting her to understand the depth of the love that he feels for her is real. That, and keeping her alive once the military discovers that Seth does have one weakness. Alyna. The military is not about to let their property walk out the door to go live a normal life as a man with the woman he loves. No. They want their property back. At all costs. Even if it means using Seth's twin program against him.

Alyna Satara doesn't have much in life, but she has a life. She also has a friend, albeit a computer chat buddy, it's a friend none the less. Too bad she has no clue who he is in the real world. If she did, Alyna doubts he'd be interested in her, not in the way she is in him anyway. Determined to stay out of her grandmother's home for good, Alyna is working herself to the bone. Until one day she discovers that Seth, her chat buddy, has decided it is time for them to meet in real life. She never expects that Seth is not human, not until she sees the great lengths he will go to in order to escape the military, escape with her. Seth will do whatever is needed to keep Alyna safe, but most important, he will do whatever he needs to in order to keep Alyna. Period. Can a machine love? Once it does, is it possible to have a life? The couple may never find out if the military has anything to say about it, they will use anything they can get their hands on to control Seth, including Alyna.

I really enjoy military action books with a hint of the extraordinary added to the mix. S.E.T.H. won't disappoint you if you do too. It's a departure for Ms. Sinclair, but one that she is able to make. This will be a great new genre and series her. I will look forward to the next book in this series! Not only is S.E.T.H. action packed, it's got a hot love affair that will keep your heart pumping right along with the action.

Reviewed by Stephanie McGrath
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
December 2008

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