Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: Mary's Christmas Wish

Mary's Christmas Wish
Wild Rose Press
December 2, 2008
ISBN: not assigned
E-book: 12 pages
Price: $1.50
Genre: Paranormal (Fantasy/Futuristic)
Rating: Sweet

Everyone deserves to live long and happy lives. Although for Mary, who is dying, her life wasn't as happy as it could have been. After having a visit from a family member, a stranger dressed as Santa comes to her room and asks if she could go back in time what part of her life would she try to change?

After some thinking that maybe this fella was strange, she decided that before she died she would get her big secret off her shoulders to him. Then maybe she would die peacefully.

So she tells him. Then things start to get a little weird as she learns to forgive herself. And before she knows it her wish has come true.

Ms. Coumans' wrote this story with a lot of feeling. It isn't very overwhelming, it's quite sweet. I think we've all had moments where we wish we could back and try to change something in our pasts. Although we know that it won't happen, maybe whatever was done, would help us learn to forgive ourselves and move forward. At least that's what this book has taught me.

Reviewed by Ruth Schaller
December 2008

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