Friday, December 12, 2008

Review: Inherently Sexual: The Runaway

Inherently Sexual: The Runaway
Jaime Samms
Freya’s Bower
Available Now
ISBN#: Not Available
Rating: Sweet
Ebook: 23 pages
Price: $1.49
Genre: M/M Romance

After ten years and his father’s death, Miles is finally coming back home. His home and past still haunt him, but he knows that he must face them. In facing his past, he may be able to find his future.

Jaime Samms did an excellent job with such a short story. Each page is filled with deep emotions and vivid descriptions. Miles has been filled with pain for years because of his drunken father, and his uncle who beat him. He still carries the scars from his past, inside and out. All the pain and anger he has carried with him has affected who he is and how he has lived his life. Ms. Samms gave me an in-depth look at Miles and all of his emotional pain. Dillon’s character is not quite as developed, but I could still feel his deep pain and abiding love for Miles.

This story brings to life a very real pain, not over the top, but just as it would be in reality for anyone in this same situation. The reader gets just enough of the past and present, colored with the emotions of each character in each situation, to imagine the rest of the story, including all those years of the past. I highly recommend this very real, very touching story.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
December 2008

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