Saturday, December 6, 2008

Review: Blind Love

Blind Love
Tamelia Tumlin
Wild Rose Press
August 13, 2008
ISBN#: not assigned
Rating: Sweet
E-book: 23 Pages
Price: $1.50
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Shapeshifter
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Blind Love is an incredible story. Dr. Jared Fields finds himself searching for love with no hope. He had a spell cast upon him – he is a human monster by day and at night he is a shape shifter. He rescues a woman from the plane crash. He would like her to stay and be with him, but he knows that if she could see him, she would run screaming. Or so she thinks.

Anna becomes blind after the crash and while Jared takes care of her, she realizes that she loves him no matter what he looks like. He is kind and caring and tells her his sad story.

Tamelia Tumlin spun a great tale of love. The beauty loves the beast --- and brings truth to the old saying ‘Love is Blind’.

Reviewed by: Ruth Schaller
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
December 2008

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