Saturday, November 8, 2008

Review: Thief of Hearts: The Return

Thief of Hearts 2: The Return
by Kimberly Zant
New Concepts Publishing
May 2003
ISBN: not assigned
Genre: Erotica
Length: Short Story
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“The Thief of Hearts returns for another game of wicked pleasure.”

Second installment of three short stories

In this second “Dear Diary” entry, the narrator ponders the identity of the Thief of Hearts. Was he real…or had she imagined him? To further complicate things, she discovers that upon the return of her boyfriend, she no longer desires him after spending a night with her dream lover. When all is said and done, the inevitable break up comes to pass; however the question still remains…will the Thief of Hearts return?

Days turn to weeks and the narrator’s distress grows as doubt and disappointment settle upon her. Just as despair threatens to claim her, the thief returns. She fears he is nothing more than another fleeting memory in her mind, but soon enough she realizes that he is real. He has returned for another night of wicked pleasure. Now she must once again answer the question…”Do you want to play?”

THE RETURN picks up the story from the first diary entry and turns up the heat another few degrees. Through the eyes of the narrator, readers will puzzle at the mystery of it all while experiencing the frightening thrill of the Thief’s game. Like the sensual teasing of the Thief of Hearts, this second installment is erotic and unpredictable. When the game is over, readers will be left breathless…and eager for more.

Reviewer’s note: This book contains elements that some readers may find objectionable: Explicit sexual content, bondage and forced seduction.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
November 2008

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