Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review: Blood Martyr Book IV: Blood Wolf

Blood Martyr Book IV: Blood Wolf
by Fionn Jameson
Freya’s Bower
ISBN# not assigned
July 2008
Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Chapter Book
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal/Contemporary
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Three nights after taking Jamison's blood Tanith talks to the only person she can about her predicament, a vampire named Cale. Jamison is no where to be found and Tanith is worried about him. Has another vampire found out about her tasting his blood and taken him? Or is he just hiding?

To take her mind off things Tanith goes to her club, Black Masque and soon enough she has other worries. One pack of werewolves are due to visit the club tonight and she finds out that the rival pack are also due a visit.

Tensions rise in this fourth part in the Blood Martyr book. Although a good installment to the book so far these couple of chapters didn't really take us any further into the story but just satisfied the need for more from this interesting series.

Tanith is an extremely likable character and with so many paranormal creatures running about this series shows more promise as it continues. Now the wait is on for Book 5 in this addictive chapter by chapter series.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
November 2008

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