Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review: Spirit of the Wolf

by Sonia A. Acone
The Wild Rose Press
July 16, 2008
ISBN: not assigned
Rating: Sweet
Rosette: 6 pages
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter
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When Alexi Morgan lost her brother, she also seemed to lose the most important part of herself - her ambition to paint. Her boss tells her that he feels the wolf is her earth spirit and will return someday to guide her through life.

Alexi moves to the forest to regain her artistic spirit. She meets someone who will change her life forever in Jake, her employer. Jake tries to convince her of her ability but she must learn for herself just what she can create.

Meanwhile, in the forest a wolf is searching for.....something.

This novella would be wonderful in a full length book. Alexi is someone I would like to learn more about and the story of how she came to the mountains to work for Jake I'm sure would make great reading. Jake himself is a mystery altogether! …Beautiful descriptions, well written and thought-provoking...

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
September 2008

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