Monday, August 4, 2008

Review: The Calhoun Saga


Confessions of a Confederate: Part I

by Taylor Kincaid

Forbidden Publications

June 2008

ISBN: not assigned

Paranormal Romance

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What goes better with writer's block than a haunted house? Gwen moves into the mansion called Katelyn, even as the owners run out, and from then on things aren't quite as simple.

After moving into Katelyn, Gwen visits the town gossip/historian Abigail who spares no time enlightening Gwen and her aunt to the history of the area and of Katelyn specifically. Steeped in Civil War tragedy, Katelyn lives on.

The Calhoun Saga is an intriguing first piece of a several part series. Well written, I am already anxious for part two to learn more of Katelyn, the mansion and of Gwen, the writer!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen

ParaNormal Romance Reviews

August 4, 2008

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