Monday, July 14, 2008

Review: In a Heartbeat


by Aithne Jarretta

The Wild Rose Press

February 2008

Genre: Faerie Rose/Paranormal


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“Short but sweet tale”

While out on a drive, Malik can’t help but think about all the women that have done him wrong in his past. All he wants out of life is someone who is special, someone he can feel connected to. He knows that special someone is out there somewhere, but where can he find her?

Lost in thoughts about his past, suddenly he is dragged back to real time by a flash of lighting and a gut wrenching scream. Malik gets out of the car to see what’s wrong. He finds a beautiful woman standing between the cars beams. He is instantly drawn to her. Could she be the one his heart so desires?

In a Heartbeat by Aithne Jarretta is an excellent short story. You are drawn in from the first page.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
ParaNormal Romance Reviews

February 22, 2008

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