Thursday, July 31, 2008

Review: At the Dungeon Master’s Hand

At the Dungeon Master’s Hand
by Jennifer Cole
Lyrical Press
ISBN: not assigned
August 4, 2008
Length: Short
Genre: Erotica/BDSM
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Natalie wanted to be the newest copy editor of the magazine she worked for. So when a big project came up, she took it on willingly, and worked it straight for six weeks. Finally putting the layout to bed, her two best friends decided she needed to walk on the wild side at Le Club d’Esclavage, a BDSM club. There was really only one rule that worried Natalie. When you cross the threshold into Le Club d’Esclavage, it is your desire to participate completely in our manner of play, and such will be expected of you.

Max has had a crush on Natalie for so long; he can hardly believe she came to the club. He has dreamed of taking her in so many ways, and she was finally here. But will Natalie make his dreams come true, or will she walk away?

This story was riveting. I can feel my pupils dilating just thinking about how to describe it. This story taps into the suppressed desires most of us harbor, and gives you a guilt free way to live them. The book is quick paced and erotically action packed. The author must have loved the research that went into this tale, and tapping into her darker side must have been a fascinating experience. I would definitely love to see more from her.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews
July 31, 2008

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