Saturday, June 7, 2008

Review: I Command You

I Command You
By Megan Ziese
New Concepts Publishing
March 19, 2008
ISBN# not assigned
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
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Hot! Hot! Hot! Call the firefighters, call 911!


Sherry was an overworked single girl who wanted a relationship, yet didn’t know how to fit it into her lifestyle. She worked day and night; never took time for friends, let alone the long process of finding someone to date. She didn’t feel she had the time to get to know someone and play the courting game. She was a clean-cut, girl next door type and knew nothing at all about the underground darker side of sex.

Until her friend, Beth, shared her experiences with Sherry. Now Sherry was staring at the card, contemplating completing the profile that could relieve some of her stress and set her on the path to a new relationship. Hit send. Done.

“I Command You” stares at Sherry from the email screen. She soon finds herself in a game that takes her mind to the ends of the earth, away from work, home, age, life itself. But will she succeed…will she complete the game…?

I loved this book. There are surprisingly few characters. You get to know Sherry as the author draws you into her emotional turmoil. You only meet Beth through references to conversations. A few co-workers pop in and out through short work related conversations. And her mystery character is finally revealed at the end as Sherry meets this person she has been fantasizing about nearly every minute of the day.

Ms. Ziese expertly writes the sex scenes so that you better have a fan and some ice cold tea sitting nearby. She touches on the fantasies that women have and allows the reader to experience for herself the question of whether she would step out and do the same as Sherry. This is a quick and easy read, read it in a couple of hours. You should run…get this book and take time to enjoy Sherry’s adventures. You won’t regret it!

Oh…I hear the fire trucks coming.

Reviewed by Jan Crow
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews
June 7, 2008

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