Saturday, June 21, 2008

Review: Blood Martyr: Book II: Blood Witch

Blood Martyr: Book II: Blood Witch
by Fionn Jameson
Freya’s Bower
ISBN# not assigned
Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Chapter Book
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal/Contemporary
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Tanith wasn't really in much danger but her mortal friend and witch, Jamison, manages to scare Kieran away. Tanith isn't too happy about her friend barging in to her apartment but Jamison brings news of a new vampire hunter in town. He is only after older vampires and he is worried that Tanith is a target. She isn't worried. As a vampire she is ready for anything anyone can throw at her.

Jamison is drunk and he has interrupted her feeding. Tanith goes out on the hunt again and quickly finds a new blood donor. Taking him back to her place she finds her prey to be slightly strange. He is a witch and is willing but something doesn't seem right. Is Tanith making a mistake she will regret later?

This second part in the chapter release of this novel sees Tanith making herself more known as a character. She is hard and strong, if not slightly cocky about it. Maybe this will see her having problems later on in the story. Jamison is a weak character in this installment but it seems he will be back and Kieran also promises a return.

Not as fast paced or deep as the first part of the story, these two chapters are more information based and are obviously leading the story somewhere. It is interesting to read a book part by part. It leaves a lot more to the imagination and the author has written a good story that can be nicely split to leave readers wanting more.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
ParaNormal Romance Reviews
June 21, 2008

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