Saturday, June 21, 2008

Review: Blood Martyr: Book I: Blood Shadows

Blood Martyr: Book I: Blood Shadows
by Fionn Jameson
Freya’s Bower
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Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Chapter Book
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal/Contemporary
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Tanith is a dominant vampire picking up men from clubs to satisfy her needs. She loves to have them begging after her although she knows it is only because they are human and weak. Sometimes Tanith gets fed up with the men who plead for more but she needs the blood.

Kieran, her prey for the night isn't as human as she believes. The night starts off as normal but it is soon clear that the man in her bed isn't under her spell like her previous victims. Kieran is playing with her and he has a message to deliver. He wants Tanith to know that picking up men and letting them go isn't a nice thing to do. The men she throws out when she is done with them are left crazy. A friend of his was one of her past conquests and he wants to know if she feels sorry for what she has done?

Fooled, the tables are turned. She is suddenly the one being dominated and the man is the one with all the control. Is she in more trouble than she can handle?

This first part in the chapter by chapter book release makes an impact. Sexy, dark and mysterious, the author has managed to start off the book by giving away just enough information for the reader to understand what is going. She has also left out enough to have people coming back for the next installment. Try the first part - any paranormal romance lover will be back for more and more.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
ParaNormal Romance Reviews

June 21, 2008

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