Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Authors, Publishers, Cover Models and Cover Artists, Come Chat at The Haunt at PNR! Shake the rafters with us... If you dare!

The Haunt at PNR... come and shake the rafters with us... If you dare!

Calling all authors, readers, cover models and cover artists!! We need you and you will love us. The Haunt at PNR is a new chat group for readers, authors, cover models and cover artists alike to come and meet new people and share their love of books with each other. Authors, Models, Cover Artists and Publishing Houses, please contact me for your chat day reservation now as we are booking fast. We chat on Monday's with models and about cover art, Tues, Weds, and Fri's we chat with authors and publishing houses. Thursday's is our promotions day, so come and tell us your latest news. Weekends we chat about everyting from books to the paranormal! We reach a wide range of people from many genres, we have a lot of upcoming events, contests and themes linked to our Paraphernalia feature to promote this wonderful new group from

So come and see what the all the buzz and chain rattling is about at The Haunt at PNR... come and shake the rafters with us... If You Dare!!
Stephanie Quackenbush McGrathPsychic Readings, visit
http://psychicreadingsbystephanie.com/Myspace, visit http://www.myspace.com/thefeywitchCommunities/Chat Coorindator for PNR and The Haunt at PNR visit http://paranormalromance.org/Authors, Publishers and Cover Models, to schedule a feature day contact Stephanie at pnr4staff@yahoo.com


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