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Review: Demon's Torment

Demon's Torment

By Rachel D. Thompson

March 20, 2008

ISBN: not assigned

Forbidden Publications

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Ally has horrible dreams. She sees women ending their lives, and it's driving her insane. All these women share one thing in common, a demon haunts their thoughts, and they are sure that they are threatened with eternal damnation if they succumb to the deep and sensual voice inside their minds. A deep and male voice telling them they belong to him and him alone. A voice telling them he will love them forever, urging them not to die, urging them to come to him, for he loves them beyond anything in this world or the next. They belong to him. Their fear drives them to desperation and that desperation pushes them to seek their own deaths. Ally tries to figure out why she is having these dreams, but more importantly, why she feels these are not simply just dreams. Ally doesn't just see the women in her dreams she is the women in her dreams. In a tragic twist of fate, Ally goes home to her parents and unwittingly closer to Daemon, sensual, beautiful, demonic Daemon. She is the one the demon wants and the one that will have to make a choice to accept the demon inside of him, choose a life with a “normal man” or choose death. But, what is normal? Is there normal? Could she live with normal, or will she even get a chance to find out?

Daemon has longed for her, loved her. Lifetime upon lifetimes, he has tried to convey his love to her mind, his deepest desires. He has tried to reach the woman's heart, mind and soul linked eternally to his. The one soul and woman he seeks. The one woman that belongs to him, and him alone. Heart and soul, she is his, if only she would accept him, not fear him. For Daemon, he can no longer go on witnessing the death of his love over and over. In this life he must convince her that she is meant for him or seek eternal rest, for he cannot witness her death again, it is too much to bear and so is purgatory. There is more that threatens Ally though, threatens her very life. Daemon must not only try to reach Ally's heart, he must protect her as well. Daemon may never have a chance to know the fruits of true love if mysterious forces are not stopped. He must do this before they take his precious Ally from this life.

Ms. Thompson's first novel is sure to be one of many. She created a demon who is sensual and yet compelling, he's capable of evil and sins and yet also capable of true love. The chemistry between the two draws the reader into their world. This is sure to please those looking for a light sensual content with dark undertones. Congratulations go out to Ms. Thompson on her first release!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath

for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

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