Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review: Beauty Ravished

Beauty Ravished
By Celeste Anwar
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: not assigned
April 2008
Paranormal Romance/Shifter
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Cherry Roman has been laid off and couldn’t really afford a vacation, but god, did she need one. When she had a job, she didn’t take one because she thought she couldn’t take the time off, and now that she isn’t working, she really can’t afford one. But when her best friend Sherri couldn’t go to the exclusive resort she had been invited to, she let Cherry go in her stead.

Nigel Francoeur couldn’t believe it when the little human walked into his resort. How was he going to protect her from the big bad wolves roaming all over the island? But when the other wolves spy her in a window, she has to join the hunt. Will Nigel be able to claim her as a mate, or will she be killed in the frenzy of mating wolves?

This short story was interesting and compelling. I am immensely pleased by the imagery the author used to describe the island and the feelings of the main characters. You can feel your own fight or flight response come to the fore in your own mind during the read. You practically have to wave away the smoke from the fire between the two characters. A very erotic story and wonderfully written.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews
May 31, 2008

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