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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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May 2001

Special Feature!!!
The 2001 Wisconsin RWA Conference

By Cy Korte

PNR members are encouraged to share events they attend and recently I attended WRITE TOUCH, the Wisconsin RWA conference held in Oconomowoc, WI.

I’m not a writer, I’m a guest… will I feel welcome? A writer’s convention…what to expect? These were the main thoughts before I arrived to a hearty welcome and a great experience.

What to expect?
A bunch of giggly women ogling cover models and discussing men? NOT! But, there was a session on “Writing REAL Men” by Michele Jerott; not to mention Jaye Roycraft’s “Cop Characters” and Judith Lyons’ “Your Character’s Pains & Joys”

                         Michele Jerott                       Jaye Roycraft and Ann Voss Peterson         

What to expect?
A boring bunch of literary minded people intent on “1-upping” each other
with their knowledge? NOT! There was a session on “Fame, Fortune & Reality” by Liz Hunter and Barbara Raffin.

Debbie Macomber’s session “Plotting with a Partner & a Plan” was entirely about working together to help each other develop your stories. I am sorry to say I missed the talk on “Lies that Hold You Back from Publishing” as Debbie was such a cheerful and enthusiastic speaker even a non-writer as myself enjoyed hearing her talk.

Debbie Macomber & Michele Patrykus

Patricia Potter’s luncheon speech was titled “Top 10 list for being a Romance Writer” and each point ended with “which is why I love Romance Writers”. I hope she excuses these quotes – on being a writer: “Writers are the only people who can admit to hearing voices without being carted off” and on being a romance writer: “Romance writers appeal to the very best in people rather than the worst”. She also talked on “10 Steps to Publishable Book”. Patricia’s belief that “It’s all about Heart” showed through in her talks.

Patricia Potter

Sessions led by Ann Voss Peterson [Love & Murder], Ana Schmidt/Willa Hix
[Know What You Know], Isabel Sharpe [Get Outta There], Layla Flannery
[Nurturing Your Imagination], Jane Toombs [Manuscript Right & Wrongs] Shari Anton & Victoria Hinshaw [Researching Historical England] were all set in a friendly manner and shared SO MUCH to help others to excel. Their enthusiasm for their career as writers showed through.

Victoria Hinshaw and Shari Anton

Elysa Hendricks’ session was titled BUILDING A FANTASY WORLD FROM SCRATCH. I attended this with Michele Patrykus, owner of Book Isle who won the door prize that Elysa offered. More than just a “world building discussion”,
Elysa gave handouts of her reference resources [a bibliography] along
with encouragement. Even as a reader not a writer, the processes she
described fascinated me. Since this was to be shared with PNR members, she has given me permission to do a brief summary. She gave me a copy of her notes so I could answer further questions for those interested or you may email
her if you wish.

Elysa Hendricks

“From where besides our fertile writers’ imagination do our characters come?

. . . Something of the world and characters you create must speak to what your readers know about the human condition. To do this, even if your characters aren’t recognizably human they must reflect human characteristics, cultures, values and experiences. . . Use the 5 senses – sight, taste, touch, smell and sound – to ground the reader in your fantasy world. . . Remember all 3 environmental factors – physical, social and emotional – are closely tied together. . . In fantasy romance, be careful not to let the fantasy elements overshadow the relationship between the hero & heroine.” – Elysa Hendricks

Debbie Macomber has donated a Pocket Calculator and an
Autographed copy of DAKOTA BORN as prize for Book Isle’s Giveaway
nothing to buy to enter, just email from the special link on the web page.

Do you have a local event feature for us? Send us an Email.

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