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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

2006 Issue

Publisher Spotlight
Spotlight on Kensington's New Aphrodisia Line

Vivi Anna

A VIXEN at heart, Vivi Anna likes to burn up the pages with her original unique brand of fantasy fiction. Whether it's in ancient Egypt, or in an apocalyptic future, Vivi always writes fast paced action-adventure with strong independent women that can kick some butt, and dark delicious heroes to kill for.

Once shot at while repossessing a car, Vivi decided that maybe her life needed a change. The first time she picked up a pen and put words to paper, she knew she had found her heart. Within two paragraphs, she realized she could write about getting into all sorts of trouble without suffering the consequences.

When Vivi isn't writing, you can find her causing a ruckus at downtown bistros, flea markets, or playgrounds.                

 An Interview with Vivi Anna

PNR: Have you always wanted to be a writer, what led you to pursue writing as a career?

Vivi A.: I did always want to be a writer, but didn’t seriously pursue it until 2000, after having to start a new life with a new born baby in tow.  I took a correspondence writing course and karma led me to my tutor Michael Crawley, and he helped me improve craft and pointed me in the direction of erotic/romance.

PNR: Could you tell us about your writing routine, how do you balance writing and personal time?

Vivi A.: An average day for me would be, get up early, check emails, do some PR business, get kid ready, homeschool for a few hours, have lunch, homeschool again, then around two, I can do a little editing, maybe some writing, then make supper, dishes, whatnot, then if I don’t work that night, I write for 3-4 hours.  On weekends, I usually write either Saturday or Sunday for a couple of hours.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.  Life can get messy and complicated, but you just learn to deal with it, and adjust your schedule.  If I'm on a deadline, I will get up earlier, or stay up later to write.  You just do it.

But I always make sure I'm available for my daughter.  If she needs me, I stop what I'm doing and attend to her.  She's more important to me.

PNR: What is the best part about being a writer? The most frustrating?

Vivi A.: Best part about being a writer - spending time with cool characters in interesting worlds.  Being able to be anywhere and write.  Being able to do my job in my PJ's. LOL

Most frustrating - editing, meeting deadlines, waiting to hear about the next project.  I have no patience.  Which is the worse thing to not have as a writer.

PNR: Who is your favorite author(s)? Who has most influenced your work?

Vivi A.: I have many favorite authors, and am always finding new favorites.  I love to read.  Some favorites of mine are, Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, Anne Bishop, Jennifer Fallon, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Gena Showalter, Marian Keyes, Tami Hoag, Kay Hooper.  Each of these authors has moved me in different ways.  They all have certain storytelling abilities that I adore.

Hmm, who’s influenced me the most?  Stephen King probably.  I started reading his books when I was 12.  I think he is a master of mood and setting.  My favorite book of his is Eyes of the Dragon.  That work is what I aspire to.  I also thought the Dark Tower series was brilliant.

PNR: You have been very successful in the e-publishing market, how does being contracted with a print publisher differ? Are you planning to continue e-publishing?

Vivi A.: Print publishing is a much slower process obviously.  It can take up to a year from being contracted to seeing your book on the shelves, sometimes longer.   You have less say in the process than you do in e-publishing.   You usually have no say in the cover art, you get edits when they're delivered to your doorstep with four days to do them and send them back to NY. LOL 

That being said, there’s nothing like seeing your book on the shelf, or holding it in your hand.  That’s a huge thrill.  And of course you reach more people.  E-publishing is growing, but in my opinion I don't think it will ever compete with the printed word.  Possibly thirty years from now…when the next generation, those weaned on computers, take their place in the workforce.

Yes, I am still continuing with e-publishing.  It’s a great way to get shorter works out to readers, and to keep your name out there.  I have a ton of stories in me, but not all of them are suitable for NY.   I have a couple at Whispers Publishing, and I'm hoping to be at Samhain Publishing in the future.

PNR: The e-book version of your book, Hell Kat, was nominated for PEARL in 2004, why do you feel readers have made such a connection with Kat, and the dark foreboding world you created?

Vivi A.: I think Kat is one of those characters that you can’t help but love.  She’s so over-the-top but still possesses real emotion, that somehow you can relate to her even when she’s kicking Dark Dweller butt.  And I think the world I created is not so unreal that you wouldn’t believe it could one day happen. 

PNR: Your heroine in Hell Kat is smart, tough, sexy and can hold her own against her rival, Hades; can you tell us about the challenges you faced when writing her?  Your heroes?

Vivi A.: The challenge I had with writing Kat was keeping real female emotions in her even though she very much acts like a man.  I didn't want to take that away from her, because she’s still a woman.  And I wanted to portray that she can still kick-butt, drive a motorcycle, handle a gun and a knife, have unattached sex and still be feminine.

In writing the hero, I had to create men able to keep up with Kat, maybe a wee bit stronger, just as deft with weapons, so her equal, but also not wanting her to change.  A man that could accept her for exactly who she is and not want to change her.  That would love her for it.

PNR: You have written in several different paranormal sub-genres, which is your favorite and why?  Is there a genre you would like to try but haven’t?

Vivi A.: I love futuristics.  I like creating worlds a little different from ours but still recognizable and relatable.  I love creating over-the-top heroines for those worlds.  I also like Urban Fantasy, I have a couple in the works.

I’d like to write a chick-lit some day.  I have a whole binder full of ideas for stories, but obviously no time to pursue any of them.

PNR: How do you feel erotic romance has affected the paranormal romance genre? What do you feel accounts for the shift in attitude toward erotic romance?

Vivi A.: I think it's opened a lot of doors to new and creative authors.  Possibly authors that wouldn't have had a chance to break into NY.

I think we're having another women's liberation movement.   Women are now demanding to have their romance and sex too.  Before it was about the romance, being swept off their feet, a man to take care of them.

But now, it's about taking what we want, demanding to have the best sex of our lives.  Believing that we are entitled to that and realizing that wanting hot sex, reading about hot sex, participating in hot sex, doesn't make us whores or sluts like society at one point wanted us to believe.  Erotic romance I believe is empowering for women!   

Viva la hot sex!  Take it any way you can ladies!!!!

PNR: Everyone is excited about the Kensington’s Aphrodisia line; can you tell us what titles you have coming from Kensington, maybe some inside information?

Vivi A.: SEXY BEAST released in March, HELL KAT released in April.  I have the sequel to HELL KAT called INFERNO coming out in December. 

There will be more on the way in 2007 for me….

I can tell you that the titles will be jumping from 2 a month to 3, possibly 4 every month.  That’s how popular the Aphrodisia line has been.  A lot of the books are into their second printings.  SEXY BEAST was the fastest Aphrodisia title to go back to print…very cool!

The books can't stay on the shelves!

PNR: Could you tell us about your current projects, what can readers expect to see in the coming months?

Vivi A.: SEXY BEAST is out, including my shapeshifter story called NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR.  HELL KAT is out.   I just released AWAKENING a gothic style paranormal from Whispers Publishing.  That will be out in print in September 2006 in Whispers first anthology called NIGHT WHISPERS.  It will be available in bookstores across the country.

I’m hoping to be releasing a fantasy/vampire trilogy called DRACONIAN LEGENDS this year, hopefully from Samhain Publishing. 

And I have a novella coming out from Avon Red in March 2007, called QUICK SILVER, an action-packed futuristic.

I have a ton of projects in the works; they are just looking for homes!!

PNR: Thanks Vivi, for taking the time out to talk to us. Where can readers find out what's new and how can they contact you?

Vivi A.: Thank you Dee for speaking with me!

My website is updated weekly, , I also frequent the Aphrodisia Author’s blog at, and I’m blogging over at the Allure Authors site,, my home away from home. 


Vivi Anna



Buy it now!

Kensington Publishing
April 4, 2006
ISBN: 0758214952
256 pages
Trade Size

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HELL KAT - Smart, sexy, and kick-ass brave, Kat has the fighting skills of a warrior and a sexual appetite few men can match—although most would happily die trying. But Kat has bigger problems than choosing her latest bedmate/plaything. She's caught in a post-apocalyptic world where only the rich live well—and Kat is determined to be one of them. To make her dream come true, the fearless treasure hunter has to get her hands on a lot of money, and that's going to take every bit of talent she's got, and then some. With her devoted partner and lover Damian by her side, Kat sets out to make one big score. The stakes are high and they get even higher when she discovers her rival, Hades, is after the same thing. Big, mean, and sexy as hell, he's just the sort of man Kat loves to take to bed...and will...if he can help her in her quest.

Now, two people whose fiery attraction grows more explosive by the hour are joining forces in a dangerous game, and a delicious discovery of the treasures that await them in the dark...

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Kensington Publishing
March 1, 2006
ISBN: 0758214855
265 pages
Trade Size

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SEXY BEAST - Some men are more than meets the eye...much, much more. And when they unleash a woman's wildest desires—her deepest, animal hunger—the results are primal, magical, and undeniably hot...

"Night Of The Jaguar" by Vivi Anna
After planning for the past two years for her trip to the Amazon, Mara Galas can't believe it's a reality. She has thought of nothing but the beauty of the rainforest and the creatures she will discover there. But nothing prepares her for the tragic and brutal killing of her tour leader by a wild animal and the savage damage she endures trying to protect him.

Back home, Mara heals. Some say remarkably quick for the wounds she received. However, it's not her body she's concerned about, it's her mind. A man stalks her in her dreams. A dark sexy man that she inexplicably craves with every inch of her flesh. When he materializes during the daylight hours claiming to know what is happening to her, she can't deny her desires. He awakens more than just her body...he awakens the animal inside clawing to be released.

The animal she's turning into...

"Chanku Rising" by
Kate Douglas

"Tiger, Tiger" by
Noelle Mack

Open yourself to pleasure and indulge the beast within...


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Running a pack is more work than Garrick Blackthorn ever wanted. And now the rival pack alpha, Fisher, is making noise about merging the packs with him at the helm. Garrick will never let that happen but it seems that Fisher has discovered his only weakness...Olivia Jordan. His heart still aches for what he had to do to her years ago to keep her safe. But now she's back and right smack in the middle of danger again.

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BUCK NAKED is a fun sexy romp through a little town ill prepared for a vivacious jewel thief like Sabine Laurent.

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After witnessing her Granny's murder by the man named Wolf, Little Red Riding-Hood swore she would have her revenge. Now at nineteen, she is a well-armed, well-trained bounty hunter with only one thing in mind -- to hunt down and kill The Wolf.

But it seems Fate is not without its sense of irony.

After being rescued from an assassination attempt on her life, Red is forced to change her agenda. Instead of revenge, she finds truth behind the lies, honor among thieves, and love with the one person she vowed to destroy.


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February 14, 2004

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Once upon a time, in an enchanted land far, far away, lived a handsome prince. He was a noble and respected man, but possessed a tragic flaw. He was obsessed by women. So much, that he loved several of them at once.

Each woman was different. Snowden White had dark hair and blue eyes, and innocence as fresh as a spring breeze. Cinda Rella was golden and radiant, with energy untainted by her cruel life. Princess Borealis possessed a beauty unsurpassed by any, and an imagination as inventive as a child's.

Each was charmed by the prince. Each seduced by his endless passion.

Until one day, they found out about each other. Now all bets are off.

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