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Heaven and Hell

Anthology featuring:
Jody Lynn Nye,
Stuart Barrow,
Tom Dullemond, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Sharon Nelson,
Susan Sizemore,
Jennifer Dunne,
H. David Blalock,
Terri Beckett,
Michael J. McShay,
and Michele Hauf

Speculation Press
December, 2002
Trade Paperback



"Vacation" -- Novella by Jennifer Dunne

Saffron is skeptical when her master awards her with her first vacation in seven hundred years on the job, for he is known for cruel pranks.

However everything appears to be on the up and up, and Saffron decides to take advantage of this opportunity to experience something totally different. Eschewing the seven deadly sins that are the mainstays of her work, she determines to give the fabled seven virtues a whirl for a change. It isn't as easy as one would think since she is restricted to human abilities for her entire week long stay at The Slice of Heaven Resort and Spa, and she's sporting a body generated by the bellhop's secret image of desire.

She decides she needs a specific course of action before she embarks on her quest, but soon learns that actions aren't nearly as important as intentions. Saffron is about to get a unique prospective on her "assignments" as she struggles with temptation!

"Vacation" is a humorous, and oddly inspirational and romantic in spite of the main character's unusual vocation. This novella showcases Ms. Dunne's delightful sense of irony and wonderful storytelling ability. It will have readers running out to try her full-length paranormal romances.

Leslie Tramposch / January 2002
Copyright © 2002 -- for PNR Reviews

Anthology Summary: A collection of whimsical stories about angels and demons and the humans who interact with them.

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