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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

July 2008 Issue
Faerie Tales
Spotlight on Fae & Elven Romance
Interviews with:
| Aithne Jarrretta | Tambra Kandall | Amy Lane | Melissa Marr | Keira Ramsay |
 | Jacquie Rogers | Esri Rose | Nita Wick |
The Hot Spot
Interviews with:
| Jessica Andersen | Jes Battis | A.W. Gryphon | Karen Kelley |
Special Features
Publisher Spotlight: Total-e-bound
Celebrating Their 1st Anniversary!
 Genre Chat
The Haunt at PNR

Escape Into A Literagasmic™ Fantasy

Total-E-Bound Publishing provides top quality erotic eBooks and paperbacks for the adventurous reader. Our award-winning authors give you what you crave: steamy storylines, intriguing characters, and happy endings that turn up the heat. We offer all popular e-Formats in a wide range of genres, with gorgeous custom covers and new releases every week. Through our forums, chats, newsletter, bi-weekly author spotlight, and VIP pages, we aim to create a community for erotic romance readers and writers.

Our service is all about providing the best erotic romance at real prices with great customer service and an easy to navigate, user friendly site.

Since launching in July 2007, Total-E-Bound Publishing has added some of the most talented erotic romance authors to our growing list.

Total-E-Bound offers a wide range of genres: Action/Adventure, Bondage/BDSM, Comedy/Humour, Contemporary, Cowboy/Western, Fantasy/Fairytale, Futuristic/Sci-fi, Gay/Lesbian, Historical/Rubenesque, Ménage-à-trois, Multicultural, Paranormal/Timetravel, Thriller/Crime, Shapeshifters/Morphers, Vampire/Werewolf.

We focus on erotic romance, where the stories range from sizzling through burning and into melting and taboo. Our authors weave tales of erotic romance through creating strong, dynamic and intelligent characters that readers will remember. We invite you to escape into a literagasmic fantasy…

Discover the ePublisher with a difference:

You can find us at our main site,

 at our forum,

or our ‘Literagasm’ chat group

and we also have a Blog called Hitting the Hot-Spot You can sign up for the newsletter at

We also have an ‘Author Spotlight Feature’, which shines a spotlight on our gorgeous Authors to allow you a sneaky peek into what goes on behind the covers. You can find that at

We are talking with Claire Siemaszkiewicz, publisher/managing director of the epublisher, Total-E-Bound.

PNR: Total-E-Bound is creating a buzz amongst readers and authors, could you tell us about your vision for the company?

Claire S.: Hi Dee, thanks for having me.

That’s a nice one to start with! J It’s really all about quality and great erotic romance for us. Providing top quality erotic romance. We are only interested in publishing the best of the work we receive through submissions, and we constantly strive to offer the best in everything that we do. Literally from the website and the experience that our readers have when shopping at our site, to the quality of the cover art for the books and on to the editing of the books. We’re also big on ensuring that customer support is excellent and that the relationship with our authors is mutually respectful and supportive.

We’ve got so many plans for the future, really it’s just the beginning for us, and we’ll be constantly developing new and better services and features for both readers and authors. It’s too early in the day to talk about any of the plans we have for year two, but keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see soon enough.

PNR: Total-E-Bound is the result of the combined efforts of Marek Siemaszkiewicz and yourself; could you tell us why you decided to establish your own ePublishing company?

Claire S.: There were a number of reasons that all culminated at the right time. We saw a gap in the market and as business professionals first and foremost we decided to make the most of that opportunity. We had the skills and experience behind us and the capital to make it happen. My business background has predominately been sales, marketing, PR, customer support, business management and more recently editing, whilst Marek’s background is web design, IT and operations oriented. So, it was a good combination and with the other TEB staff in place it works exceptionally well. In addition to that, I am a huge fan of erotic romance fiction and have been for quite some years. I didn’t feel that this market place was very well represented in the UK and Europe, which is where we are based out of.

PNR: Congratulations, Total-E-Bound is celebrating its one year anniversary, and has recently unveiled a brand new website; what new features can readers expect to see?

Claire S.: Thank you! I can hardly believe that we are a year down the road already. It’s gone so fast, but I think that we’ve achieved a lot in that time too.

We’re really excited about the new website. Whilst the old site was still very well done, this last year has given us the opportunity to look at what we felt was missing or could be improved upon to provide an even better shopping experience for our customers. Of course, it won’t stop here, there will always be room for improvement, but certainly at the moment, some of the new features that are live and you can take advantage of are:

VIP Account -

> Carousel: We've added a handy carousel to your VIP account so that you can flip through the bookshelf and choose any of your books at leisure.

> Bookshelf: Find it hard to locate a book in your ever growing bookshelf? Now you can sort it by date order or alphabetically.

> Read now feature: Now you can read your book straight from your VIP account. You have the choice to download and read on any device, or read your book from our site. So, if you are away or at work, and fancy a bit of lunchtime reading just log into your VIP account and read it there.

Front page -

> News Flash: this feature highlights news items that we want you to know about and enables you to link straight to the feature. We update these newsflashes every few days, so you always have the latest information from us.

> Hot Picks Carousel: We've updated the Hot Picks feature so that by using 'flash' you can view the books on a spinning carousel. When you choose a book to view the blurb and book info will automatically be highlighted for your viewing pleasure.

> New genres: We've added a few new genres to the panel to make choosing your books more comprehensive.

Coming Soon Page -

We've added dates to the coming soon page so that you know when your favourite authors' new books will be released.

Title Page -

> Visibility: We've added the covers of each title to make your shopping experience easier.

> Excerpts: Read the excerpt straight from the title page.

New News section -

Catch up on all TEB news in detail. This is where you can subscribe to the TEB Newsletter and receive our weekly updates and bulletins, and the monthly newsletter.

New payments options -

NEW Google checkout! We've set up a new payment option for our customers. As well as paying by credit/debit card or PayPal, you can also pay with Google. What are the benefits?

> With Google Checkout, you can quickly and easily buy from Total-e-bound and loads of other stores across the web.

> If you have used Google Checkout before, all you need to do is provide your Checkout username and password to buy from us.

> If you are using Google Checkout for the first time, you only have to fill out a single page of information to make your first purchase. After that, you just need to enter your Google Checkout login to make a purchase. There is no need to re-enter your purchase information or create multiple usernames and passwords each time that you buy from different sites.

> When you buy with Google Checkout, you can track all your orders in one place and shop with confidence knowing that Google protects you from unauthorised purchases.

Gift vouchers -

Buy your friends the gift of books! Now you can buy them gift vouchers and let them do a bit of light retail therapy!

One Download -

More value for money! All four versions in one download file. With the ever changing development of eBooks and the different formats that are available, it's hard to know which format you should buy. What happens if you have bought your books in Adobe PDF and your new reading device doesn't convert it? Well, you don't need to worry about that with Total-E-Bound. You will receive Adobe PDF, Mobipocket, MS Reader and HTML in your zip file - then it's up to you which version you read from.

Bound in print -

Print books available to purchase direct from our shop! Are you a touchy-feely person? Well, that's okay, we are too! ;) If you like to hold them in your hand, now you can. We recently moved into print, and you can see the growing collection at our new site.

Bound for Free -

Free Reads! We've been promising you all a free reads page, and here it is! A section dedicated to offering our readers something for nothing. This will be continuously added to as our authors offer up more of their stories for your pleasure. It's our way of giving something back to you. So, enjoy!

Coming soon

Booty Box - TEB's new merchandise site - will also be available to you, with lots of goodies to choose from: T-shirts, hats, postcards, posters, framed pictures, mugs, even sexy little thongs! and more.

PNR: What do you feel Total-E-Bound has to offer authors and readers that is not currently available from existing ePublishers?

Claire S.: LOL, well, some of the features mentioned above to start with. I genuinely believe that on-line buying should be a pleasant experience, and that’s what we constantly strive to achieve. I can’t honestly speak for other publishers or say whether we are better or not. That would be up to our authors and customers to say. All I can tell you is what we do and let you make up your own mind.

We’re big believers in communication, support, empowerment and respect. It goes both ways and it’s important that our authors are happy working with us. The better relationship we have with them, the more productive they will be and the more of a community group we create.

We’re in the process of setting up real-time reporting for our authors so that they can view their sales and royalties at any time through their Author VIP accounts. That’s pretty unique. We do a lot of PR and marketing with and on behalf of our authors to help promote their books. We run regular author spotlights where we shine a light on an individual author for a few weeks with a more in depth interview. Those are scheduled bi-weekly on our site. Every author has their own profile page on our site where they can update their news and list their books for sale at other sites. We think it’s important that readers can easily see where they can find a favourite author’s work without having to scour the net. So, we link to them from the profile pages. We’re professional, supportive and friendly to work with, which I think goes a long way to developing solid relationships with our authors.

The new website in all it’s glory LOL, wonderful erotic romance books in eBook and print, and customer support we provide is all geared towards our readers, as I mentioned before, we want to create an environment that people want to come back to again and again. Hopefully we’re doing that! J

Readers also benefit from a nifty VIP account where their books are stored in their own individual bookshelf, and they can sort the titles either by date or alphabetical order. Readers have unlimited access to their books, and they always have the most updated version in their bookshelf. There’s also a really cool book carousel which stacks the book covers and when you select a book it allows you to either download or read it directly from your account. 

Oh, and we’ve just added a free reads section to the site too!

PNR: Total-E-Bound has an impressive lineup of authors; which talented authors can we expect to see publishing at Total-E-Bound in the future?

Claire S.: Who knows? LOL We’re thrilled with the authors that we currently work with, but there’re always room for more. It really depends on who sends us their manuscripts and which one’s we feel are well suited for TEB.

PNR: Until recently erotic romance was offered primarily through electronic publishers; how do you feel the decision of the big print publishing companies to offer erotic lines will affect the ePublishing business? What can ePublishing offer an author that print can not?

Claire S.: I think it can only strengthen it. It shows just how popular erotic romance is becoming. When you consider the size of romance fiction in the market place, the more women who become fans of erotic romance, the more people there will be buying the books – regardless of whether they are paperbacks or eBooks. Romance fiction in general is such a huge seller, there’s plenty of room for growth for erotic romance. Plus, there are more and more authors who cross over between eBook and print sales, so fans look for their books in both formats – which is great for eBook sales too.

To answer the second half - I’m a convert (obviously! LOL) No seriously, I have an eBook reader and I adore it. Okay, you have to invest in one initially and they aren’t cheap right now, but that will change as the eBook market does, just as anything else that’s new goes down in price as it becomes established. I love that I am able to store hundreds of books on it, pop it in my bag, and take it anywhere. Can you do that with your book case? LOL Generally speaking eBooks are cheaper than paperbacks too, so once you’ve made your investment you’re saving money every time you buy a book.

And, I truly believe that eBooks and digital are the future of publishing. If it wasn’t do you think that the big houses would be sitting up and taking notice? The variety and choice is incredible too in electronic formats. I think people are more inclined to take risks and publish works that may not get an opportunity with mainstream publishers, and it’s paving the way for new trends.

PNR: In your opinion, how far can you go with erotic content and have it still be considered romance? Is a committed relationship and/or HEA a requirement for Total-e-bound?

Claire S.: Most of our books have a HEA, although we do have a line called taboo that focuses on erotica too. I do think that for it to be considered true erotic romance, there has to be a committed relationship or relationships and a true love story. The main difference between mainstream romance and erotic romance being that the sex/love scenes are much more graphically described and in much more detail.

PNR: Total-E-Bound offers a range of genres at varying sensuality levels; can you give us an overview of your rating system?

Claire S.:

Book Ratings

  • Total-e-sizzling - Sexy, explicit and highly imaginative, with a sensual side.
  • Total-e-burning - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
  • Total-e-melting - These are our XXX stories. They differ from the others only in the content of the plotlines, as they tend to be much more risqué and explicit. These babies are burning hot. Some readers will find them objectionable, so definitely not for the faint hearted!
  • Total-e-taboo - the taboo line breaks into pure, unadulterated erotica or covers the subjects that could be seen as extreme or offensive, pushing stories to the limits of what some deem acceptable. These books don’t necessarily have a ‘happy every after’.

PNR: What is “hot” right now? Could you give us your insight into why you feel readers can’t get enough?

Claire S.: There are a number of genres that are doing well at TEB. At the top of the list is MM/Gay erotic romance, followed closely by Menage a trois/multiple partners (any combination of: MFM, MMF). You could put these two genres into any setting (contemporary, sci-fi, historical, paranormal etc) and they would still do well.

PNR: The paranormal romance genre is very popular at the moment. What do you feel accounts for the sudden interest in all things paranormal? 

Claire S.: I’m not so sure that it is sudden! Growing certainly, but not sudden. But then people are far more vocal about their wants and needs today than they were even ten/twenty years ago, and publishers are keen to give them what they want to stay on top of the game.

PNR: Total-E-Bound appears to be a “paranormal friendly” publisher, are you planning to offer any paranormal lines?

Claire S.: At the moment, we only have the anthologies and seasonal shorts/anthologies, but we do have Bite Me! anthology coming out in October (vamps and weres), Christmas Spirits anthology in the winter and a paranormal anthology planned for 2009. 

PNR: The cover art for Total-E-Bound books is stunning and captures the reader’s attention; can you tell us about your talented cover artists?

Claire S.: I can’t sing their praises high enough. We are very fortunate to work with such talented artists. We have a number of illustrators now, although historically it was all down to two wonderful ladies: Lyn Taylor ( a fab Aussy lady who’s been with us since the beginning, and the great Anne Cain ( from the USA who joined our ranks soon after. We’ve since taken on two other wonderful illustrators: April Martinez ( and Skylar Sinclair (, both from the US.

I believe that cover art is so very important to the sale of a book. It comes back to that whole ‘quality’ thing doesn’t it? When I’m looking for a book to buy, if a cover grabs my attention I’ll take a second look. That’s what we hope to achieve with the covers we create.

PNR: What can readers expect to see in the coming months?  What paranormal romance offerings can we look forward to?

Claire S.: Well, I mentioned Bite Me! seasonal shorts and anthology already due for release in October and Christmas Spirits due for release in the winter, so other paranormal titles coming soon are:

A Sexual Spark - Skylar Sinclair

The Watchers: Dark Seduction - Charlotte Featherstone

The Hunted - Rachel Carrington

Forget Me Not - Ericka Scott

Nectar of the Gods Anthology - Marianne LaCroix, Ashlyn Chase, Isabelle Drake, Sascha Illyvich, Annmarie Ortega

Seducing Damian - Aliyah Burke

Feral Heat - Jamie Hill and Jude Mason

Wolfish Dreams & Danielle and the Wolf - Wendy Stone

To name a few! J Plenty for your readers to get their teeth stuck into!

PNR: Thank you, Claire, for taking time out to talk with us about Total-E-Bound, where can readers find out more about your upcoming releases?

Claire S.: Thank you Dee for having me! It’s been fun. Your readers can find out more -

on our coming soon page here:

and through our weekly update and monthly newsletter by subscribing here:

We also have some anniversary contests that you can get involved in here:

And we’re having author chats, prize giveaways and a party at the end of July here: . Come and join in the fun!


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