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by Dee Gentle

Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

June 2006 Issue

Hauntingly Romantic
Spotlight on Ghost/Specter Themed Romance

Teresa Wayne

I feel we are a fairytale romance, come true!

Growing up military brats, Wayne and I met in high school to become sweethearts; only to be separated by base closings.
Years between us, we found our way back to one another, and so our story begins…

We now live in the Eastern Shore area of Alabama with our crazy cat, Mugwort, Our "attention needy" dog, Little-Man, and a pet squirrel "appropriately" named Fidget.

Writing has always been a part of our lives at some point.

Wayne and I struggle for writing time whenever we can, as our lives have become full of responsibility, and we always work together, creating stories that readers can enjoy.

An Interview with Teresa Wayne

We are talking with new authors and husband and wife writing team, Teresa Wayne.

PNR: How long have you been writing? What inspired you to begin writing together? Have either of you written independently before teaming up?

Teresa W.: I think I will handle this question <grin>. Wayne and a few of his closest friends, wrote, designed, edited and published a Science Fiction based newsletter all in fun, for the Coast Guard base where they were stationed.

I have had several articles and interviews, published with several ezines in the last few years. In my youth, my passion was poetry and later, children stories, but none submitted.

I have always dreamed of writing, but Wayne never thought to pursue writing seriously until 2003, when he sent me an intimate email and I decided he had what it takes to write. That evening we sat down, discussed it and created a story idea, characters and the ultimate story goal which later became GHOSTLY POSSESSION. The entire time we worked on Ghostly, he never believed me when I told him this book would be published. The look on his face, the day we received the acceptance was priceless.

PNR: Tell us about the challenges you both face in working together, are there any instances where it has been difficult? How do you balance your personal and writing time?

Teresa W.: We sooo enjoy writing together, because we feel it is quality time. Never, have we argued or disagreed about anything; in writing, or otherwise. Wayne's one downfall in this business is he doesn't handle deadlines really well; <lmao> so with that in mind, Ghostly is our only series.

As far as time; we have very little of that. Wayne does his writing on weekends, when the muse strikes. I have more opportunities because my work allows me quality down time, to do with as I please.

PNR: Where do you get your story ideas? Do you outline or go with the flow?

Teresa W.: The story idea for GHOSTLY POSSESSION was mine. That's right - I admit it - I'm a paranormal and horror junky, addicted to the unseen.

Wayne is a lover of any type of science fiction or futuristic, and I must say, he would probably do well in horror.

Both of us enjoy writing with a flow. We create the book from the movie that plays in our minds. I wouldn't say individual characters were the culprit, as most authors have, but an actual scene with several characters.  

PNR: Do you have a strict writing schedule? Do you literally write together or are different parts/chapters assigned to a certain person? Could you give us a peek at what a typical writing day would look like and how you make it work?

Teresa W.: Do we have a strict writing schedule? Is there such a thing?  When he feels the muse on the weekend, its usually first thing in the morning, about 5:00am with his first cup of coffee.

I have a very unpredictable schedule, as I run two businesses, work full time and try to be a wife. I do the best I can to grab an hour on my day off during the week, to get in a chapter or two, before the infamous yahoo IM begins to interpret my next move. <ducking the IM's now to complete this interview>.

There is no assigning of chapters. Some titles, my husband will write the entire story and I will edit and rework. Other titles, I will write and ask him to break my block with a page or two. Anything we write contains a part of both of us, and I love my husband all the more for it.

PNR: Which author(s) is your favorite? And who has most influenced you work?

Teresa W.: Wayne loves Stephen King, Piers Anthony and David Eddings, for sure. I would have to say that David Eddings had the biggest influence on him; just the fact that in science fiction writing, there are no boundaries. Your imagination can run amuck with characters, scenes, words, pictures, anything your little heart wants to create, makes it the perfect word playground!

I am more of an Ann Rice and Maggie Shayne addict. If they wrote it, I've read it or at least own it to read. I love how Ann can write a vampire's persona as a sensual creature, even as they prey on life.

Maggie Shayne captures my interest in spiritual beliefs and she incorporates it into her romances.

Neither has influenced my writing directly, but I will say that Ann Rice did originally perk my curiosity in erotic writing, with her Sleeping Beauty series.

PNR: What do you consider to be the key elements of a great story?

Teresa W.: Wayne and I both agree that we want the first page to capture and draw us in. We want twists and plots that keep us turning page after page, and finally, we want the book written so smooth, you would think you were reading from a movie dialect. Now sometimes we don't always get what we want, as our editor tends to crush our dream of the movie idea, but I whine enough to get it close.

PNR: What do you like most about the paranormal romance genre? How do you feel the sensual/erotic genre has affected the paranormal romance genre?

Teresa W.: As I have said, I am the paranormal and horror addict. Anything scary has always raised the hairs on my neck and my approach to writing this genre would ultimately be; scare the reader and give them someone to hold on to!

PNR: GHOSTLY POSSESSION is your first published book, and has been well received. Could you tell us about your plans for the characters, is there a sequel in the works?

Teresa W.: GHOSTLY POSSESSION has received wonderful reviews and it seems some addictive readers, including one reader wanting more Captain Yearling. A bit twisted, I know, but its all in the perception of the reader. They can make or break a book.

There is a sequel on the horizon, titled Ghostly Deception, Book 2 of the Ghostly series, with most of the original characters. It promises to be just as eerie as the first, as you recall Jeffrey and Sydney's daughter will grow up sometime.

PNR: Your writing creates a tense atmosphere for readers: could you tell us about your world building?

Teresa W.: Well thank you so much for the compliment! We aim to please

As I have said before, this is the ultimate goal in our writing, to create whatever the story needs to run its gambit and anything less would be unsatisfactory. You know you have succeeded in reaching your goal when everyone seems to relay the same feedback regarding the way our story makes them feel. As far as our world creation, well…the best explanation for this would be imagination. Write what you feel and from the heart. Your mood and frame of mind has a lot to do with the quality of your writing. You can not expect to produce a quality, soft, sensual romance after just watching the movie, "Night of The Living Dead".

PNR: GHOSTLY POSSESSSION is both very dark and very sensual, is either of you better at or more comfortable with writing one aspect or the other of the story?

Teresa W.: I write the action and horror and Wayne writes the sarcasms, sensual and erotic scenes. Most people do find that amusing, because he writes them so well.

PNR: You have created a sexy hero and heroine and a very dark and cruel villain, which are your favorite to write? Tell us about the creation of Sydney, Jeffrey and the Captain.

Teresa W.: Oh, I see, this is one of those trick questions, to find out if the main characters are a reflection of the writers. Well, not to beat around the bush, yes and no. I grew up in Virginia right on the James River, and at one time I worked in the medical field. So, I guess you could say Sydney is a little bit of me. Jeffrey, is a bit of both of us, but Wayne gave him his total sense of humor. Last, but not least, my husband created the villain, and did a darn fine job of it too! Captain Yearling is complete figment of his imagination, based on several movie villain characters.

My favorite part of writing this story was the support characters. Without them, there would be no suspense. Tabatha and Mr. and Mrs. Brown were pretty much created by me.

PNR: The intensity of the sexual scenes in your books is quite hot; is it challenging to write love/sex scenes? Tell us about your inspirationJ

Teresa W.: That was all my hubby, isn't he awesome? This answer goes back to your original question of how we got started. It was by an intimate email he sent me from work. This man could melt chocolate in a freezer with his words. Even now, I am working on another paranormal based on Mayan archeology and mythology, and I still have him review my sensual and erotic scenes. Couldn't write them as well, without him.

PNR: Please tell us about the projects you are currently working on; what can readers expect to see in the coming months?

Teresa W.: We have a very kinky erotic short story with a release date of August 1, 2006 from the Satin Rouge line of Mardi Gras Publishing; called "Closet Freaks" What happens in a small town - stays in a small town.

We are beginning work on our sequel to GHOSTLY POSSESSION, called GHOSTLY DECEPTION. Information on release date and publisher is not yet available. We also have two other titles near completion IT TAKES A THIEF, is a contemporary paranormal, dealing with Mayan archeology and mythology, which is being prepared to submit to a NY house. <fingers and toes crossed and turning blue>

ETERNALLY BOUND (title may change) which is a paranormal time-travel, with a touch of piracy!  

PNR: Thank you Teresa and Wayne, for taking time out to speak with us, where can readers find your novels, and how can they contact you?

Teresa W.: We love to hear from our readers. Please keep in touch and give us feedback. This is how we know what you want in our stories!

Thanks so much,
Teresa and Wayne
Our email is:
Join Our Yahoo Group:





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Silk's Vault
April 8, 2006
ISBN: n/a

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Ghostly Possession takes you away into the world of ghosts, danger, mayhem and sexual tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife! The more the sexual tension and attraction grows between Sydney and Jeffrey, the more danger surrounds them.

Emergency Room Supervising Nurse Sydney Yearling's ghost of her brutal ancestor (who was involved in the prisoner and slave trade during the 17th century) fights Jeffrey to claim Sydney as his own. Tabloid-journalist-turned paranormal researcher Jeffrey Dillon will do what ever he can to protect his woman!

As Sydney's and Jeffrey's love for one another continues to grow, their attraction becomes a dangerous game for them both, with a jealous, vengeful entity determined to have it all, no matter what the consequences.

Can love keep them together or will the ghastly ghost win the woman?


Coming Soon

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Mardi Gras Publishing
Satin Rouge Line
August 1, 2006

ISBN: n/a
What happens in a small town --
stays in a small town...

Have you ever sit among your family and friends at a church, school or town function and wondered what goes on in their little minds?
You can spy on three different families with their freaky little secrets.



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