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  by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

October 2006 Issue


Witchy Women
Spotlight on Witch Featured Romance

Special Features

Publisher Spotlight: Silhouette Nocturne
Spook-Tacular Romance

T. T. Robbins

Hello world the name is TT Robbins. I live in Upstate, NY with my husband and son. I am thirty years young and consider myself a practicing Metaphysician. In the near future I hope to obtain a pastoral degree in Metaphysics. Many of my practices are weaved throughout the book. I am an avid reader and now much to my delight an author. I love to research religion which is what originally prompted the book to begin with. Witchcraft has carried a negative connotation for centuries when in reality it is a serene nature based religion with the same evils that plague all faiths. In writing this book I hoped to dispel the common misconceptions and illustrate how everyday it really is. Psychic phenomenon has always peeked my curiosity as well, so mingled with the witchcraft I introduced a number of different abilities in trying to dispel those myths as well. I explained as I believe, my interpretation of God, as well as the spiritual path that I follow. I am currently in the process of writing my second book on the Karber Clan. I plan on touching on a variety of different supernatural aspects. From my home to yours I give you insight into the realm known as witchcraft. Which witch is which could be your next door neighbor and you didn't even know it is the concept I am trying to convey to the population.

An Interview with T. T. Robbins

PNR: How long have you been writing? What inspired you to choose writing as a career?

T.T Robbins: I have been writing poems, short stories and half completed manuscripts since I was old enough to put pen to paper. In the deep recesses of my mind exists a file I refer to as the Jeopardy file which contains an abundance of useless trivia that I use to create my works of fiction.

PNR: Do you have a strict writing schedule? How do you balance your personal and writing time?

T.T Robbins: Hardly, I feel very strongly about not putting a time frame on creativity, I believe it stifles the natural flow. In fact when I sit down to write I have to be in the mind set or else it is a futile feat. I am a full time mother/author so time is never an issue once my son is on the bus.

PNR: Most authors are avid readers; what is your favorite genre to read? Favorite authors?

T.T Robbins: I am a voracious paranormal romance reader. I do however abstain from reading while writing for reasons I am not even sure of other than I can’t multitask. There are so many great authors that I have read over the years that I feel are worth mentioning but if I had to pick a couple I would say Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci’s Code was a real page turner and Kelley Armstrong has captivated me with her series; Bitten. I think they are both phenomenal writers.

PNR: What are the greatest challenges to you as an author?

T.T Robbins: Writing for me is an unnatural process; I am either in the creative flow or whistling dixie, so for me it is hoping that my creative streak isn’t impeded for the day. Although even when I am not writing my brain is monopolized by the next line or the next plot for my book and while I don’t think writers are abnormal I do think they are in a league of their own. Always shall we say in a sort of half reality/half fiction world.

PNR: Being a newly published author, who or what has been the biggest influence on your work?  Who or what has been your biggest support?     

T.T Robbins: My cousin/editor/friend was  the driving force behind me getting my book published. I would have to say though my husband and recently deceased mother are and were my biggest fans.

PNR: Let’s talk about your first book, THE KARBER WITCHES: DEMONS AMONG US. Where did the idea for the story come from? How do you develop your story ideas?

T.T Robbins: I am a practicing metaphysician and while witchcraft runs a parallel line with metaphysics they are still very different, yet witchcraft holds a such an evil connotation  People conjure up all sorts of ideas at the mention of witchcraft so I wanted to dispel the common misconceptions in regards to the craft.  I love to research religion and the paranormal so I figured why not put my knowledge to use. Whenever I hear of something new about either one of these categories, which is few and far between I burn the midnight oil trying to find out as much as possible, from there stems a plot line.

PNR: You describe your heroine, Kyleigh Karber, as having a “quirky, dark sense of humor,” could you tell us about the development of her character?

T.T Robbins: Let me just first say that I love Kyleigh. She is this creation... a real force of nature. Her character has this sassy, dark witted humor that I think will appeal to the readers. The readers get to see Kyleigh blossom from this impetuous girl into a fully capable psychic witch.

PNR: The Karber Witches were bestowed with unique psychic abilities, could you tell us a little about Kyleigh’s gift? How much research was involved in bringing the nuances of these abilities and her life as a witch to readers? 

T.T Robbins: Kyleigh is able to see as well as speak to the dead. Her mother is the only other witch with this ability so it is a rarity in the Karber clan that at times seems like a blessing and a curse. Fortunately for me there isn’t a lot of research involved in most of what I write, I learned most of it throughout my life, so I get to just sit and write, instead of researching.

I do have to say though I don’t like having to research while I am writing, again with the multitasking.  

PNR: Kyleigh has a special connection with Grand Mammy, could you tell us about the development of this relationship?

T.T Robbins: Grand Mammy is Kyleigh’s rock without her she would be lost. Grand Mammy is this all knowing witch that speaks in proverbs and riddles throughout the entire story. She is an instrumental part of Kyleigh’s life.

PNR: In THE KARBER WITCHES: DEMONS AMONG US, does Kyleigh have a love interest to further complicate her chaotic life?

T.T Robbins: But of course!  She has a few, but who will she end up with is the question that will plague the readers until the end of the book.

PNR: Who was your favorite character to write? Most difficult?

T.T Robbins: Grand Mammy is my favorite character. She is the essence of what I believe a grandmother represents; the wise, all-knowing guru. Through her you will find the answers to life’s mysteries. The most difficult character for me was the serial killer. I just couldn’t imagine being that demented, but I rose to the challenge and created a monster. A monster I say.

PNR: As a writer, what do you like most about the paranormal romance genre? As a reader?  Is there a genre you would like to write but haven’t?

T.T Robbins: I always think of the Calgon commercial when I am asked why do you like paranormal romance and the answer lies in words; take me away. Humans aren’t even in the same league as say a vampire or any other supernatural beings. Why would you settle for option a.) when option b.) is so much more appealing. Nothing like a centuries old vampire to stir up dormant hormones, just think if a vampire can induce goose-bumps by just the thought of it, imagine what they could do with a mere touch. At the risk of sounding like a nut job, it’s not what you can see that worries me half as much as what they, “the supernatural’s” won’t let you see.

Honestly, I am happy to be writing in this genre and don’t see myself writing in any other. But I do have to say; never say never.

PNR: THE KARBER WITCHES: DEMONS AMONG US, was released nationally in print, October 2006, is there a sequel in the works; what are your plans for the Karber Witches?        

T.T Robbins: Absolutely! I started the book with every intention of it becoming a series. 

PNR: Can you tell us about the projects are you currently working on, what can readers expect to see in the coming months.

T.T Robbins: The next book will be called Somewhere between the God and the Karber’s. It is a tale that spans the boundaries of time, trapped between past and present incarnations Shani Karber knits a legendary saga of magick intertwined with magickal beings. She is hounded by an Elemental named Syrus who claims to be a past life mate, bound to her by an enchantment of the souls. Together they leap through time to countless life’s in search of answers that lay in the hands of fate. The lessons of life haunt her on her journey through time as she fights to reclaim a life that has gone on without her and a family that she has purposely shirked her duties yet again. Torn from all that she holds dear in the present, where she is betrothed to another, she is forced to face past karmic blunders; against her will. She must choose between a chaotic future or an unresolved past with a faery that threatens dominate her very soul.

I also have another book that will involve Shane Karber and his wife who happens to be a vampire. Then I think I might take a break from the Karber’s series to create a storyline about Atlantis. We will see! 

PNR: Thank you, T.T., for taking time out to talk to us. Where can readers find out what’s new and how can they contact you? 

T.T Robbins: My website is

You will find all sorts of neat tid -bits about the Karber’s as well as an interview with Kyleigh. My email address is  I do want to say to all my readers that I am trying to answer all the emails, please be patient. Thank you all!

T. T. Robbins



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PublishAmerica, Inc.
August 9, 2006
ISBN #1424149401
186 pages
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THE KARBER WITCHES Demons Among Us - This is the story of the Karber Witches: each born with their own unique psychic ability, bestowed upon them by the powers that be and dating back to the origins of Magick itself.

Kyleigh Karber weaves us a tale of the supernatural entwined in what is considered everyday life for the Karber family. She has a quirky, dark humor that keeps you wondering what she will say or do next, and only the influence of a wise old woman she calls Grand Mammy keeps her grounded in the midst of her chaotic life. She explains her families abilities even as she leads you down the path destined for her. Her life is far from ordinary; she is surrounded by the dead that only she can see, and they clamor endlessly for her attention. The twists and turns that fate throws at her will leave you guessing about her next life-altering experience. She has endured her share of tragedies along the way, yet remains driven to fulfill her destiny. In her story, you see the delicate juggling act she performs, as she uses spells and enchantments to balance good and evil.




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