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THINK PINK Catherine Spangler's
SHAMARA Cover Survey

Futuristic Romance is enjoying new popularity thanks to talented authors such as the award winning Catherine Spangler. Catherine Spangler is well known to paranormal romance lovers for her ability to paint vivid pictures in the minds of her readers. Her Shielder series has won acclaim for its honorable heroes, courageous heroines, the plots which empower them, and of course their heart-melting romances. Her upcoming novel, SHAMARA (Love Spell, September 2001), the third book in the Shielder series, is certainly no exception. We guarantee you will never look at BLUE FEATHERS in quite the same way again !

A colorful tale deserves a colorful cover, and the folks at Dorchester obviously agree. Look for the details of Catherine Spangler's THINK PINK contest in future issues.

Do you like colorful romance covers?
YES - 89%
NO - 2%
Not Sure - 9%

Do you think the colors will make this book easier to find on the shelf?
YES, colors make the book easier to locate - 83%
NO, colors make it hard to find - 0%
Not Sure - 17%

Do you think PINK is an appropriate color for a futuristic romance?
PINK is appropriate for a futuristic romance - 57%
NOT PINK - 20%
Not Sure - 17%

No Response - 6%

Does the pink lettering make the title easier to read?
YES, it is easy to read - 83%
NO, not easy to read - 6%
Not Sure - 11%

Do you like the color of the lettering?
Yes - 89%
No - 2%
Not Sure - 9%

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