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by Barbara Sheridan
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September 2002 Issue

Making Our Fanatasies a Magical Reality!

Featuring: Jennifer Archer, Shannah Biondine,
Kathleen Nance, and Jan Zimlich

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Love should be magical, beyond our wildest dreams, a fantasy come true. Sounds wonderful, but of course anything worth having takes work. One must cultivate trust, caring, and oh yes....lust.

Roselyn Peabody found J. T. Drake's behavior towards his father shocking. She'd grown to love her mentor like a father while she and the professor had been working together to bring his life long dream to fruition. The neglect was inexcusable. Of course she doesn't have all the facts. In J. T.'s opinion, it was he who had been neglected during all the years he'd been growing up. His projects had always been Hershel Drake's obsession, leaving no time for his only child. Still, when Hershel's nosey neighbor phones J. T. in L.A. expressing concerns about the safety of his current experiment, curiousity and concern gets the better of him and J. T. finds himself back in Pecan Grove, Texas. Sneaking into the lab, J. T. gets the shock of his life when he accidentally trips a switch on the latest gizmo and vanishes. Okay not exactly vanishes, he's still physically present, but he's... invisible! How does an invisible man woo a recalcitrant lady? Well, it doesn't hurt if he smells nice, and kisses even better! Electricity abounds in SHOCKING BEHAVIOR by Jennifer Archer.

Moreya Fa Yune is shocked that her late father had arranged a royal marriage for her. Why would a crown prince wish to wed a common woman such as herself, a woman who could not even go outside without wreaking havoc? She is even more shocked when she learns the reason for the arrangement. No royal princess would care to wed a man who had a preference for other men. Nor did Moreya. But would he even want to wed her when he found out HER secret.

A conniving King and a meddling Sorceror each have their reasons for insisting that she be accompanied on her journey by Kaelan Preece, the Waniand Warmonger. Preece's race is all but extinct and he is much reviled for his differences in spite of his abilities. However he'd been deemed a "safe" escort for even the most desirable Yune of women had held no appeal for him. But Moreya's open affection and her easy acceptance of him had had a strange affect on both his body and heart. He could never allow her to become a pawn in the Glacian King's cruel plans. Preece knew what he had to do, but at what cost? Soar with Shannah Biondine in SHADOW IN STARLIGHT.

Jack Montgomery is a man who needs to maintain control......of his life, and his relationships. Once the practical scientist becomes aware of the existance of magic his goal becomes to find a way to negate it. Never again will he be helpless as he had been when he'd been kidnapped at the age of five, or powerless as he'd been when his sisters husband had put a truth speak spell on him. He'd invented a gadget to protect himself, and when he realizes that the gorgeous damsel in distress he's just rescued is djinn, he reacts to save himself. Unfortunately the disruption in Leila's claims her Ma-at and lands them in hostile territory on her world. Now they must trust each other in order to get themselves home. The road is long and full of peril, but leads to a place they've been searching for all their lives. Celebrate magic with ENCHANTMENT by Kathleen Nance.

A beautiful young Arizanti woman is left on the steppes to die, or become the possession of an enemy prince. The powerful prince Burian, heir to the Busae king, sees the gift for the insult it was intended to be, and offers it in kind to the dark and somber man observing from the shadows.

Adrik, his half-brother, second son to the king, should have been an honored prince of the Median Empire, but instead had been sold at birth to the demon Malkeval, by his own father, in exchange for the kingdom and the treacherous woman he loved. Taken and raised among his mother's people in Khorazm, he is taught in the ways of sorcery against the day of the great eclipse when he and the demon would trade places. Adrik would enter the Shadow Realm and the demon would become mortal once more. He lived the life of a lonely recluse, with no one to call his own, no hope for a future. He knew it would be better to let the woman die here than to take her home to share his fate, but there was something about this woman, and for the first time there burned in him the the desire for freedom from the fate of THE SHADOW PRINCE. Enjoy this new historical fantasy by Jan Zimlich.

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