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Barbara Sheridan
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May 2000 Issue

Tea, Crumpets, and......Paranormal?

Sandra Heath

I am 55 years old, British, and have been married for thirty-three years to my husband Robin, a retired architectural technician. We have one daughter, but as yet no grandchildren.We were both the offspring of Royal Air Force officers, and met when our father's were stationed together in Germany.

I started writing when my daughter was two. She fell very ill with suspected meningitis, and ended up in hospital for a month. As a distraction I started my own novel about King Richard III, in whom I was very interested.

The novel turned into a trilogy that was published in Britain and the US. I wrote more medieval stories after that, and then changed to Regency at my agent's suggestion. I have been writing Regencies ever since, and love every minute of it. So far I've written over fifty.

Coming this Christmas: MISTLETOE MISCHIEF, Regency Romp in Brighton with the ghost of a Restoration ham actor.

I am also about to deliver another as yet unnamed Regency romp with Druids nd shape shifting.

An Interview with Sandra Heath

Barb S: The regency period was rather short and the elite had a pretty rigid code of behavior. I understand that regency readers do not expect the writer to deviate much from expectations. Why did you decide to include paranormal elements in your regency romance offerings rather than writing paranormal romances on the side?

Sandra H: At first my Regencies were conventional, tales of manners, etc. but then a chance remark by Hilary Ross, my editor at Signet, persuaded me to try my hand at the paranormal. Thus THE HALLOWEEN HUSBAND came to fruition. It was well received, and I certainly loved writing it. I've stuck more or lest to the paranormal ever since. There have been exceptions such as the book that comes out next month, COUNTERFEIT KISSES, which is a straightforward Regency romp, although with two amusing animals, a monkey and a poodle which steal more than a few scenes.

Barb S: How were these paranormal elements received? By youe editor/ publisher? By the readers?

Sandra H: I have never had any problems from my readers or my editor regarding the paranormal aspect of my writing, but the sensuous stories did shake up some readers a little too much, so I've reverted more to the customary Regency love scenes.

Barb S: Have you any plans to write other such books? What about longer regency era novels with paranormal elements, what I've seen referred to as Paranormal Historicals?

Sandra H: I don't have plans to write longer Regencies at the moment because I have my hands full writing three books a year for Signet. I am also writing for a new publishing venture, Regency Press, for whom I have written a Christmas romp called SQUIRE CANTHROP'S CHRISTMAS, which has a supernatural element in the shape of a very grumpy goblin.

Barb S: What are some of your favorite paranormal books, movies, television shows? Was there any particular book, author, etc that made you think, "That's what I want to do!"

Sandra H: My favorite paranormal book has to be THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND by Daphne du Maurier. I regard it as a masterpiece of time travel, and wish it could be made into a film, so I could watch it as well as read it. I'm now on my second copy, having read the first so often it fell to bits. I'd love to have a first edition, but have only aspired to paperbacks. If I could write anything even half so good, I'd be very happy indeed. I also love Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, THE CRYSTAL CAVE, THE HOLLOW HILLS, and THE LAST ENCHANTMENT, as well as the sequel THE WICKED DAY. Jane Austen's NORTHANGER ABBEY influenced me, because it cleverly suggests the supernatural without there actually being any. When it comes to films, I like almost anything with a paranormal theme, although I am a little harder to please when it comes to TV series. It seems to me that the latter very quickly run out of good ideas, and start serving up rubbish. An exception is THE X FILES, which is usually excellent.


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Sandra Heath

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Sandra Heath



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Signet Regency
October 1999
ISBN: 0451198409

THE MAGIC JACK o'LANTERN - Heiress Polly Peach has brought Halloween to Bath a few days early--in the form of a disgruntled brownie. The invisible creature, once happy overlooking the family's country estate, has hitched a ride with Polly to search for his missing sweetheart. His inexplicable acts of mischief have society in an uproar--and everyone is pointing the finger at Polly, especially the pompous Sir Dominic Fortune.

Tossed aside by a scheming mistress, Dominic has come to Bath to heal his wounds, not to incur more. But every time he sees angelic Polly draw near, accidents happen. When an army parade dissolves into chaos, Dominic takes matters-- and Polly--into his own hands. Her unpredictable behavior has his head--and heart--spinning enough to trust her when she recruits him to help the brownie in his search. Though Dominic has never believed in magic before, as Halloween quickly approaches, he begins to belive that anything caN happen--even love....

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