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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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December 2002
A Romance for all TIMEs!

Samantha Gail

Samantha Gail lives with her husband in western Oregon. No kids, just a few pets and a big garden/greenhouse. Her background is in medicine. For fun, you'll find her belly dancing, hiking, playing naughty practical jokes on her girlfriends and lusting after Vincent D'Onofrio.

Life is good...

An Interview with Samantha Gail

PNR: Samantha, What influenced you to become a romance writer? What made
you decide to write speculative fiction in particular? What kind of books do you like to read?

Samantha G.: I have been writing stories since I was a kid and speculative fiction is the perfect outlet for an active imagination. I will read just about anything. But for enjoyment? My personal favorites are romance, science fiction and mystery.

PNR: SAVIOR IN TIME is your second novel. It has a futuristic heroine and a medieval Viking king in the role of the hero. Your first title CHERISHED INVADER is a futuristic romance, tell us a little bit about it.

Samantha G.: CHERISHED INVADER sprang from a concept that had been mulling around in my head for years. It is the first book in the Forestal series and tells the story of Leah Barrentin. She is one of a handful of covert operatives who are spread far and wide across the galaxy. Their allegiance is to a trading conglomerate of planets collectively known as United Sentients. Leah is the archetypal wounded warrior…burned-out, physically exhausted and in dire need of some extended time off to get her act together. When her path inadvertently crosses that of a war-hardened soldier named Treece, she is forced to strike a dangerous bargain in order to continue her mission. All of the Forestals possess psychic abilities that are nurtured and used for an eventual purpose that has only been hinted at. All I can say right now is that terrible times are coming and each one plays a crucial role in the ultimate conflict.

PNR: Remala Picard-Moreau, the heroine of SAVIOR IN TIME, lives in the twenty-second century when life is known to exist on other worlds. She is a Shaynvar Knight of eighteen years standing. Give us a bit of Remala's background. What are the responsibilities of Shaynvar Knights?

Samantha G.: Remala was orphaned at an age when the guidance of her parents was desperately needed. However, they still made their mark upon her psyche. She has very strong convictions about "defending the underdog" and will do whatever it takes to fulfill her responsibilities. She was recruited by Odairus and trained by him after her parents' deaths. The Shaynvar Knights are like a futuristic version of the Knights Templar. They are charged with running the intergalactic military and overseeing the portal used for time travel.

PNR: Why is Remala perplexed about her current assignment? Why is she the
only woman for the job?

Samantha G.: Remala feels that a man should be given this assignment and she is not shy about verbalizing this. A male Shaynvar Knight would be much better received in the year 976AD considering what the views on women in that time period were. However, this is a tale of romance. Also, whatever Master Odairus says, goes. He knows that Remala is terribly lonely and her happiness is of utmost importance to him. He deeply cares for her and uses his position of power to help find her soulmate.

PNR: Though the group she is charged with saving is small and seemingly
insignificant, Remala has been given carte blanche to use whatever technology she has at her disposal to prevent their massacre. What are the possible ramifications of using advanced technology? How can she be sure the changing the past won't affect the future?

Samantha G.: Remala can't be certain the future won't be affected and that is a huge conflict for her. She is taking a giant leap of faith when Odairus tells her that she can do no harm; and is given permission to take whatever weapons it will require to get the job done. Except for the occasional scientific genius, major technological developments throughout history come about in a logical, predictable fashion. They are built upon layers and layers of hard work. When technology jumps ahead of the social conscience, it usually has disastrous consequences. Remala believes this and is plagued by doubt about what she is doing.

PNR: Remala can travel freely between time periods. Aside from safety issues, why does she return home at times during the course of this assignment. Is she acting alone?

Samantha G.: Although "home" in the twenty-second century is not really where her heart is, she has numerous responsibilities there. She is the Shaynvar Knight in charge of the day-to-day running of a specific sector of space. When problems occur, Remala feels she must be there to clean up the mess. Basically, she's a control freak. There are others who are perfectly capable of taking care of things in her absence but she can&'t let go.

PNR: Remala is quite taken with the group's leader, Beravael, King of Birasett. Tell us about him. These are obviously two alpha personalities. What qualities does Beravael possess, that wins the admiration of this powerful woman from the future? When does this rescue become more than a job to her?

Samantha G.: Yes, they are both raging Alpha personalities! Right from the beginning, Remala is emotionally and physically attracted to Beravael. She doesn't really understand its depth at first...she's too busy trying to save his gorgeous butt. By the time she does, he has already tricked her into marrying him. Beravael possesses all the qualities that embody a respected leader. He is fair, intelligent, open-minded and he absolutely knows his way around a woman's body. How could she not fall for him?

PNR: Tell us something about the enemy Beravael's people must face.

Samantha G.: Whoa, baby...bad to the bone! Don't invite these guys to your BBQ! They are total carnivores. Like polar bears, they hunt and eat meat. It is the staple of their diet because there's not much else other to consume in those frigid far northern climates.

PNR: Ouch, I see where that's headed. Okay, what are Beravael's feelings about Remala? How do he and his band react to her abilities and devices? How can he hope to keep her in a world that is so primitive by comparison to hers?

Samantha G.: Beravael and his band are stunned by her sudden appearance. As you can imagine, some of his group are completely freaked out, especially by the weapons she brings to assist them. They overcome their fear by slowly getting to know her, and Beravael's attitude has plenty to do with her acceptance into the group. He has been looking for a Queen and Remala is the only woman he wants. He is totally consumed with desire for her and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her by his side. He is cunning and incredibly sneaky. I won't spoil the ending, but it is Odairus who offers the ultimate solution to their problem.

PNR: We'll leave the readers to discover what happens next. I understand
you have several irons currently in the fire. A contemporary romance, TRESPASS OF THE HEART which should be available soon, and ALLIANCE OF PASSION, a sequel to CHERISHED INVADER, coming later in 2003. Tell us a bit about these two books.

Samantha G.: TRESPASS OF THE HEART was a fun story to write. The heroine is a reclusive young widow who gets an unwanted neighbor. The hero is an ex-homicide detective bent on making a new life for himself. Readers are going to adore Max and the lengths he goes to in trying to earn Miranda's love.

ALLIANCE OF PASSION is the story of Katice and Jaron. It basically picks up where CHERISHED INVADER left off. Katice is going to her home world to compete in a swimming tournament. Jaron is sent by his people to kidnap her. These two mesh like oil and vinegar! This is by far the most sensual of all my stories.

PNR: What is next for Samantha Gail?

Samantha G.: A friend and I are doing research right now for a contemporary romance that we will co-author. GUARDING THE COAST is about an USCG helicopter rescue pilot. When we first put the word out that we were looking for "a few good men" to interview, we had no idea of the response we would get. We've been inundated with offers of assistance from pilots, crew and even a Navy Seal who have agreed to give us some insight and pointers! (wickedly grinning from ear to ear) If we can ever get beyond all the...ahem, "homework" it should be a very interesting and realistic portrayal.




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Samantha Gail




July 2002
300 pages
ISBN: 0595238513

SAVIOR IN TIME - She is a woman of power who follows a higher calling...

Remala Picard-Moreau, Knight of the Order of Shaynvar lives to serve and protect in the twenty-second century. Her fealty is sworn. As guardians of time travel and respected sentinels of space, the revered Shaynvar Knights shoulder a heavy weight of responsibility extending across the galaxy and beyond. Sent back to the year 976AD to rescue a small village from destruction, Remala senses from the outset that this is no ordinary mission.

He is a fearless Viking warrior who decides his own fate..

The King of Birasett has finally found his mate. Beravael has long awaited the one who will bear his children and he will have no other Queen than the remarkable woman sent by the Gods to fight at his side. Of course, convincing her of that fact will not be a simple matter. His decision made, Beravael works quickly. Knowing the price Remala puts on her word and honor, the wily King tricks her into a binding marriage, demanding obedience while simultaneously offering a limited compromise.

Prepare yourself for a clash of titans...

He is as stubborn and irresistible a male as Remala has encountered on any world and in any century. To continue her duties for the Shaynvar, Remala must first be granted permission by the audacious, eternally suspicious, high-handed King. None of her training has prepared her for the sublime sensory onslaught that is King Beravael of Birasett. His exquisite touch can bring on a devastating distraction, scorching her willpower to cinders and temporarily silencing any grievance she might have cause to make. While Beravael whittles down her resistance, Remala struggles desperately to fulfill her obligations in both centuries, inadvertently embarking them all on a collision course with annihilation.


July 2002
280 pages
ISBN: 0595234135


She is an elite agent for an interplanetary trading conglomerate. Part of a dwindling corps of beings possessing invaluable psychic abilities. They live in isolation, shuttled from one star system to the next in order the safeguard the interests of the organization. She has never known any other way of life. Until now...

He is one of his planet's toughest soldiers. Preternaturally suspicious, possessed of his own powerful and unique talents, he has inadvertently witnessed something not meant to be seen. Now, in the midst of world class combat, a new quest has begun. A battle of trust and love having far-reaching consequences greater than either of them can imagine.

Coming in 2003!

PublishAmerica, Inc.
June 1, 2003
ISBN: 1592866484
196 pages

TRESPASS OF THE HEART - Sometimes, asking is the only way to get what you need...

Miranda "Andie" Griffith, has kept a tight lock on her life and emotions for the eight years since her husband died. The young widow, content with the remote sanctuary she has carved out of twenty densely wooded acres in northwest Oregon, has a new and definitely unwelcome neighbor.

Max Daniels has moved into the deserted ramshackle next door and the towering homicide detective could not be happier with his plans for early retirement; nor could he be more clueless as to the motives that govern his reclusive neighbor’s erratic behavior. The one thing Max fully comprehends, in all its many aspects, is the challenge of pursuit. Determined to learn more about the waspish beauty who wants nothing to do with him, Max begins a relentless and methodical chase. But before he can convince her of his inestimable value as more than just the guy next door, Max must first gain her confidence.

Andie is not certain of the greater health hazard, an odious stalker or her irrepressible, amorous neighbor. Ever since Max moved in, the normally hardy and self- sufficient nurse has had one calamitous mishap after another. Having him so close has disrupted her equilibrium and turned her into a nervous, accident- prone klutz. His rich velvet voice could charm a cobra into an early molt and one look into those smoky green eyes has left no doubt about the seductive danger he presents. Her carefully constructed, sedate lifestyle has been turned upside down and allowing herself to trust again could mean a new chance for heartbreak...or love.

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