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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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May 2000 Issue

Tea, Crumpets, and......Paranormal?

Featuring: Karen Harbaugh, Jo Beverley, Sandra Heath, and Rosemary Stevens
with contributions from the Regency list.

Recommedations from the REGENCY LIST

Paraphernalia would like to extend a special thanks to these listers at for theirresponses. If you are of mind to read a good regency paranormal, check out the following recommendations.

Joan Bennett's CANDLELIGHT WISH - Lady Xanthe is a fairy godmother with her mystical cat, Titus.

Leslie, These come to mind:

Sheila Rosalynd Allen wrote a tetrology about a ghost. She may still subscribe to the regency list. Anne Barbour, Janice Bennett, June Calvin, Susan Carroll's - The Bride Finder and The Night Drifter are either Georgian or Regency. Marion Chesney, Donna Davidson's -Elizabeth's Gift has a telephathic precognitive heroine. Cindy Holbrook, Barbara Metzger, Kasey Michaels - The Haunted Miss Hampshire, Several of Amanda Quick's (JAK aka) regency historicals. Sheila Rabe, Joan Smith
Mark Pottenger

Ghosts: Sheila Rosalynd Allen (also a regency lister) Casey Claybourne, Valerie King, Joan Smith, Christine Cordaire, Barbara Metzger (angel), June Calvin(?)
Time Travel: Jeanne Savery, Joan Smith, Janice Bennett, Joan Overfield
Patricia Wynn (fairies), Alana Clayton (pyschics), Teresa DesJardien (druidic magic) (also on the regency List).
~Lori Cassidy

Hi, Leslie. I caught your post on the Regency List and thought I'd mention a book Alicia Rasley and I wrote a few years ago. Among other awards, GWEN'S CHRISTMAS GHOST won the Romance Writers of America RITA for Best Regency of 1996. We were pleased to see a Regency with paranormal elements do so well. <g>Other writers who've published paranormal Regencies include Anne Barbour(Barb Yirka), Mary Alice Comstock, and Janice Bennett. There are lots more, but alas, they don't come to mind at the moment.
~Best regards, Lynn Kerstan

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