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Romantic Times Convention
May 16 - 21, 2006
Hilton Hotel Resort, Daytona Beach

" Fun in the Sun"
The Wonderful World of Women's Fiction

Judi McCoy

Paranormal Romance author Judi McCoy kicked off the seminars on Wednesday morning
with the traditional preconvention Workshop for Beginners.

Susan McBride

A Mystery Workshop led by Susan McBride included the topic "Digging Up Bones:
History, Mystery & the Paranormal". The panel featured Cara Black , Dana Cameron,
Charlaine Harris, Carole Nelson Douglas , and Lois Greiman.

Cara Black

Dana Cameron

Charlaine Harris

Carole Nelson Douglas

Lois Greiman

Scheduled for the evening was science fiction author Susan Kearney's Bellydance Class featuring Madrina! This was followed by the Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party.

PNR Reviews Editor Cy Korte and Ellora's Cavemen
courtesy of ~ BookIsle and Artisan's Galley

Rodney Chatman
courtesy of ~ Patrice Michelle

Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris kicked off the Thursday workshops with a day long Vampire panel which included:
L.A. Banks
, MaryJanice Davidson, Christine Feehan, Heather Graham, Barbara Hambly,
Laurell K. Hamilton
, Kim Harrison, Rosemary Laurey, Jeanne Stein, and J. C. Wilder.

L. A. Banks

MaryJanice Davidson

Christine Feehan

Heather Graham

Barbara Hambly

Laurell K. Hamilton

Kim Harrison

Rosemary Laurey

Jeanne Stein

J. C. Wilder

Topics included: "The Lighter Side of Vampires" in which authors discussed combining vampires and humor, "Vampires with Which Hats" about creating vampire/human alliances, "Building a Believable World", and ending with an hour with Laurell K. Hamilton.

Thursday night brought Heather Graham's traditional Vampire Ball.
This year's theme was "Vampires of the Caribbean".

Kathryn Falk and Charlaine Harris

courtesy of ~ BookIsle and Artisan's Galley  
taken by Nancy Cohen

Laurell K. Hamilton and husband Jonathan

courtesy of ~ RT forum   taken by Cathy Clamp

Cast of Pirates of the Caribbean ~ courtesy of RT forum
from Mary Stella's blog

Host - Heather Graham
~ courtesy of RT forum
taken by Gennita Low

Cheyenne McCray

Cheyenne McCray led the Paranormal Workshop on Friday with panelists: Kelley Armstrong,
Pam Binder, Annette Blair, Cindy Cruciger, MaryJanice Davidson, Kate Douglas, Laurell K. Hamilton,
Lori Handeland, Susan Kearney, Kim Harrison, Angela Knight, Deidre Knight, Marjorie M. Liu,
Jeanie London, Eden Robins, Maggie Shayne, and J. C. Wilder.

Kelley Armstrong

Pam Binder

Annette Blair

Cindy Cruciger

MaryJanice Davidson

Kate Douglas

Laurell K. Hamilton

Lori Handeland

Susan Kearney

Kim Harrison

Angela Knight

Deidre Knight

Marjorie M. Liu

Jeanie London

Eden Robins

Maggie Shayne

J. C. Wilder

Topics included: " The Allure of the Paranormal", "Witches, Werewolves and the Wicked", "Time Travel and Taking a Walk on the "Other Side"", and "Paranormal Romance & Erotica".

Linnea Sinclair

Friday afternoon also included a Science Fiction Panel led by Linnea Sinclair with panelists: authors Barbara Hambly, Susan Kearney, and Rowena Cherry, Anne Groell - Bantam Dell Editor,
and Kristin Nelson - Nelson Literary Agency, LLC.

Barbara Hambly

Susan Kearney

Rowena Cherry

Anne Groell

Kristin Nelson

Topic's included: "The Magic of Crafting Award-Winning Fantasy", "Writing Kick-Butt SF in a Shared World Setting", "Characterization That Challenges the Imagination", "Real Women Write (and Read) Speculative Fiction", "Magic or Mud? Dos and Don'ts for your SF/Fantasy Opening Chapter".

Friday Evening featured the Faery Court Ball.

Organizers - Eden Robins and Cheyenne McCray

Faery Court photo
Top Row L-R: Arianna Hart, Mackenzie McKade, Brit Blaise
2nd Row: Rowena Cherry, Jaci Burton, Isabella Clayton, Sahara Kelly, Cheyenne McCray
3rd Row: Melissa Schroeder, Sylvia Day, Tyler Blackwood, Ann Jacobs
Bottom Row: Amanda McIntyre, Kathy Love, Denise Agnew
photos courtesy of ~ Cheyenne McCray

Angela Knight and Kate Douglas                                       Tawny Taylor and J. C Wilder
photos courtesy of ~ Kate Douglas
(Taylor/Wilder photo taken by Dakota Cassidy)

Mr. Romance, Rodney Chatman groves at the Ball
photos courtesy of Amber Green

Saturday was reserved for the traditional Giant Book Fair

Rowena Cherry and cover model Mark Johnson ~ courtesy of BookIsle and Artisan's Galley

Mr. Romance Pageant (Rodney Chatman - 2006 winner)

Courtesy of ~ Linnea Sinclair

and Dorchester's "Racy" Rock 'n Roll Ball.

A great Paranormal time was had by all!

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Note: Some of the best photos we've seen are at THE ROMANCE ZONE website - They don't permit links, but the site can easily be located by using your favorite search engine.

Farewell RT until next year in Houston. We love you!

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