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Romantic Times Convention
November 9 -12, 2000


Prior to the Venetian Masque Ball PNR listers met for a bite and some good talk. Listers in attendance were: Margaret Daley, Barbara Sheridan, Sue Krinard, Eugenia Riley, Leslie Tramposch, Carolan Ivey, Jennifer Dunne, Jackie Hamilton, J.C. Wilder, Rosemary Laurey, Kimberly Covey, Susan Grant, Ollie Mattis, Miriam Pace, Holly Jacobs Fuhrmann, Jan Zimlich, Catherine Asaro, Patricia Waddell, Cy Korte, and Sara Reyes

Who heard that Yeep?

Jennifer says, "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Catherine at the front table in her Medieval gown talks
to Patricia Waddell, Sara <left> taking more pictures.
Holly Fuhrmann at the rear table with Jan Zimlich.

One more shot for the Road, Jan Zimlich get's in on the act.

Catherine Asaro and Patricia Waddell <rear> Sara and Cy <front>
Do we want to admit we know those people at the big table?

Susan Grant proposes a toast to the Paranormal Romance List. Here, here!

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