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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

October 2001 Issue

Out of This World Romance

Featuring: Catherine Asaro, Judy Gill, Susan Grant, Robin D. Owens and Catherine Spangler
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Note: The following feature was originally scheduled for September 2001. Due to the American tragedy of 9/11, the feature was resheduled for October. The staff of PNR would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this event, and our thanks to all the heroes who risked their lives for the sake of others on that day, and in the days that followed.


On September 11, 2001 we were reminded how quickly life can change. We truly cannot predict what the near future may hold, let alone the distant future.

Not long ago I would have waxed poetic about the wonderful imaginations of this month's featured authors, and about the uniqueness and creativity of their amazing novels.

While those observations remain true, I took something extra away from reading these sci-fi/futuristic romances. I realized that no matter what abilities or innovations mankind may acquire down the road, human nature basically remains constant. Yes there will inevitably always be misguided, or conscienceless individuals, who will prey on the weak or innocent. But the best of humankind is reflected in the majority of our people, who no matter how beleaguered, are tenatious, resilient, determined to survive regardless of the odds stacked against them, and who never lose the capacity to love.

While recent events have undoubtedly shaken our faith in humanity, these stories inspire us, shoring our belief that, ultimately, the good guys will prevail. It is my sincere wish that the readers find comfort in the vision of these five gifted sci fi/futuristic writers.

Fan's of Catherine Asaro's Saga of the Skolian Empire are no doubt awaiting her November release entitled SPHERICAL HARMONIC (seventh in the series), in which the reader will at last discern the fate of Dyhianna Selei (Dehya), the Ruby Pharaoh, who is missing and assumed to be dead following the Radiance War. What effect will her return will have on the destiny of her beleaguered race of empaths? Available in hard cover, November 2001.

The plight of his people had become dire, and the weight of the world rests on Jarek san Ranul's shoulders. Still he has not lost hope of finding Shamara, sanctuary, for the Shielders. He is convinced that only an Enhancer, can help him find the way. Eirene Kane could be the answer to all of his prayers. Can he persuade her to help him save his people? The only thing he has to lose is his heart. Enjoy the third tale of the award winning Shielder Series, SHAMARA, by Catherine Spangler. Available now.

As we have recently discovered, desperate times can produce unexpected heroes from the ranks of ordinary men and women. Ian Hamilton is one such "regular guy", an Earth dweller, who suddenly finds himself the designated heir to the King of the universe just when influencial members of his home world have decided to throw a monkey wrench into the Star King's plans for intergalatic unity. Can Ian become the man that his destiny requires, without losing the best qualities of the man that he already is? Can a runaway Vash Princess help him find the answers? Find out in the November sequel to the award winning novel The Star King; THE STAR PRINCE by Susan Grant - available in November 2001.

While Earth has yet to discover inhabited worlds, that has not stopped us from imagining that more advanced civilizations do exist, or that they might just discover us first. We hope that they will be benevalent. WHISPERS ON THE WIND by Judy Gill, brings to Earth an intergalactic criminal who is using Earth's resources to cause harm to other worlds. Fortunately he is followed by others whose mission is to bring him to justice. Unfortuanately a solar storm scatters the crew leaving their leader Jonallo injured and dying in the Canadian Rockies. His only hope is to reach out telepthically to the one woman whose mind is receptive. Available now.

Persecuted for having special gifts, T'ash's people had left Earth four hundred years ago to found a new colony where his people could live in peace. They had colonized Celta but after four centuries not everyone is equal, nor are they above commiting crimes against their neighbors. T'ash had suffered great losses and terrible hardship, exacted revenge, and regained alife of privilege. Finally he has been given hope for an end to his loneliness, a HeartMate. That she is not of his social class means nothing to him, she however has other plans. Can Danith look beyond Rand's rough exterior to find the compassionate man within? If they can find common ground there may be hope for their world. Enjoy a unique debut novel, HEARTMATE, by Robin D. Owens - available in December 2001.

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