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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

November 2000 Issue

Dial "O" for Other-worldly Assistance!

Featuring: Holly Fuhrmann, Kathleen Nance, and Lynn Bailey
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Special Feature: Romantic Time's Convention
Photos from Houston

Sometimes romance needs a little push, a helping hand to guide a couple along the path of true love. Perhaps one's true love is out there waiting to be found but they don't know where to look. Perhaps a couple have a troubled past history, they met too soon, or there's been a misunderstanding. Or perhaps they love each other deeply but they believe their goals are incompatible. What would these hopeful lovers do without Cupid or one of the incredible characters from the fertile imaginations of this month's featured author's to show them the way?

Meet Holly Fuhrmann and enjoy the Fairy Godmother's return to bring Joy (Aaronson) to the life of Gabriel St. John in the second book of her three book series, MAGIC FOR JOY.

Journey with us to a Victorian London museum with Lynn Bailey as An-ket, an ancient Egyptian princess, helps Julia Hanson convince Egyptologist Simon Archer that they'd make a "splendid" match in SPLENDID YOU.

Laugh out loud with Kathleen Nance, as Zeke Jupiter, aka Zeus, attempts to atone for his mistakes by medling in the lifes of Joy Taylor and Mark Hennessy. For Hera sake! Is he trying to keep them apart or shove them together? Who's THE TRICKSTER here? This is the first book in her Sons of Olympus series.

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Share the magic of RT Houston through a pantage of pictures. Be sure to return in December to find out the results of Barb Sheridan's past life regression session.

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