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  by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

October 2006 Issue


Witchy Women
Spotlight on Witch Featured Romance

Special Features

Publisher Spotlight: Silhouette Nocturne
Spook-Tacular Romance

Dark, Sexy, Otherworldly...

We are talking with Tara Gavin, editorial director of Silhouette’s new Nocturne line of paranormal romance.

Our readers are very excited about the new Nocturne line; can you tell us about your vision for Nocturne and its authors?

Tara G.: I’m delighted about the enthusiasm that Nocturne is receiving, and I have to admit that I share the excitement, as well. I’ve always loved paranormal stories, and I love the range that is being offered in Nocturne. These stories are full of emotion and action—the characters are facing life/death issues in the conflicts that they are struggling with. There is a lot of imagination and thought in these plots, and I love the thematic component in paranormal. The hero is also wonderful in each story; he is not your typical beta man, instead he is generally an alpha hero—strong and protective…and very, very sexy.

The promise we are fulfilling to the reader with each Nocturne story is that the book they are reading will be a sensual, dark, atmospheric paranormal story with a strong hero and compelling, sympathetic heroine. The authors who are launching the line are: Lindsay McKenna, Kathleen Korbel, Michele Hauf, Maureen Child, Caridad Pinero and Lisa Childs. We’re looking forward to upcoming stories by Karen Whiddon, Erica Orloff, as well as newcomers to the genre: Pamela Palmer, Vivi Anna and many, many more.

PNR: Silhouette already publishes some titles with elements of fantasy and paranormal; how will the Nocturne line differ from the paranormal titles that have been offered previously?

Tara G.: That is very, very true—paranormal stories have been included in all the lines that Harlequin and Silhouette offer, with varying degrees according to the needs of the specific line. These stories have been very popular, and we decided to dedicate a line to the paranormal romance—and so Nocturne was born. Nocturne will differ from previous paranormal stories in that it is totally dedicated to the romantic paranormal concept, and that it will be dark, sexy and atmospheric—with a concentrated promise to the reader.

PNR: Until recently the bulk of paranormal romance was offered primarily through electronic publishers; what were the deciding factors in Silhouette’s decision to create this new line?

Tara G.: That’s a very good question, and a complex answer—because our decision was multi-faceted. We saw an opportunity in the paranormal romance market, and our research indicated that our readers were looking for strong romantic stories set within the atmospheric, paranormal world. Our readers were telling us this—through research, through sales, through trends in the media, etc—and our authors were telling us this, as well, through the stories they were interested in creating.    

PNR: What were the risk factors? Have paranormal romance sales indicated that the risk was worth taking?

Tara G.: There are always risk factors in publishing, but paranormal romance seems to be a trend that is gaining momentum in the market—and involving, well-written stories with compelling characters is always a risk worth taking.

PNR: The Nocturne covers are striking and very sensual; what can readers expect as far as sensuality level in this new line?  Has the market indicated a new willingness to accept more sensual romance as mainstream?

Tara G.: Our stories in Nocturne are very sensual and hot. The sensuality level is very high, as the covers indicate. In terms of the market accepting more sensual romance—I feel that we’ve seen the popularity of sensuality in the paranormal romance mainstream arena, as well as in our lines such as Blaze, and we are willing to see how readers respond to the sensuality in Nocturne. I think it is quite sizzling—but also very romantic, as well. 

PNR: What can readers expect to see in the coming months?  Which talented authors?

Tara G.: We’re really excited about upcoming writers in Nocturne, and in May, we are very proud to have Linda Howard starting off a three book series called The Raintree Trilogy. Book number two is from Linda Winstead Jones, and book three is from Beverly Barton. I think this is a very exciting event! We’re also continuing many wonderful mini-series that have started during the launch month—for instance, Lindsay McKenna is returning with more of her WARRIORS FOR THE LIGHT; Kathleen Korbel has more DAUGHTERS OF MYTH in store for us; and Maureen Child has the second installment of her PROTECTORS miniseries in February. 

PNR: Thank you, Tara, for taking time out to talk with us about Silhouette’s new Nocturne line, where can readers find out more about the upcoming releases?

Tara G.: More information can be found on, and at your local bookstores, supermarkets, discount and drugstores where Harlequin & Silhouette books are sold. In addition, we’re including excerpts within the books for upcoming titles, so keep an eye on that, as well!




Featured in this issue:

Witch themed Romance
Silhouette Nocturne
Spook-Tacular Romance

Interviews with:



Nocturne           Authors 


Vivi Anna
Nina Bruhns
Rhyannon Byrd
Maureen Child
Lisa Childs
Cynthia Cooke
Lori Devoti
Michele Hauf
Lisa Renee Jones
Kathleen Korbel
Lindsay McKenna
Patrice Michelle
Erica Orloff
Pamela Palmer
Caridad Pineiro
Karen Whiddon
Pat White
 ~Available Now~
Buy it Now!
Silhouette Nocturne
October 1, 2006
ISBN #0373617488
304 pages
Read the Reviews!

UNFORGIVEN - Plucked from the depths of hell, former military sniper Reno Manchahi was hired by the government to kill a thief, but he had a mission of his own. Descended from a family of shape-shifters, Reno vowed to get the revenge he'd thirsted for all these years. But his assignment went awry when his target turned out to be a powerful seductress, a woman who risked everything to fight a potent evil.

They had a combustible connection, yet he struggled to reveal the truth about himself—his Apache upbringing, his Jaguar pride, his death plot. Soon, Reno had to transform himself into a true hero, accept this new love and conquer the enemy that threatened them all. He had to become a Warrior for the Light....

Buy it Now!
Silhouette Nocturne
October 1, 2006
ISBN #0373617496
304 pages
Daughters of Myth #1
To anthropologist Zeke Kendall, the idea that the heir to the Fairy throne had been watching him, falling in love with him, for years was laughable. Then he met Nuala and lost his heart to her dangerous beauty.

Eldest daughter of the Fairy Queen, Nuala must marry among her own kind to keep the line pure, but her heart has long been possessed by the handsome mortal. Now she will do anything—even align herself with humankind against the terrifying power of her own people—to make him hers.

Coming Soon

Buy it now!

November 1, 2006
ISBN #037361750X
304 pages

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By Michele Hauf

Their forbidden love is destined to destroy one or the other.

Desperate to master the rage and volatile emotions that have become his nemesis since he was forcefully transformed into a vampire two years earlier, Michael Lynsay, the enigmatic, sexy lead singer for the rock group The Fallen is setting down his microphone for a few months. If he doesn't learn to control the darkness within, he risks exposing his secret and losing grip on his morality.

Jane Renan is an old soul, and each decade sees her drawing further from the extraordinary confusion of the world and into her own creative arts. Until she discovers a man who is her complete opposite.

Cocky and arrogant, Michael teases at Jane's fickle desires. His sense of humor and sweetness infuses a strange counterbalance to the rock star image he cannot shake, nor does he wish to change his lifestyle of sex, blood and rock n' roll. He is alive and exciting, a prancing peacock who lives for the adoration from his fans. (His fans have dubbed him the Dark Angel because he sometimes wears black angel wings on stage.) Jane recognizes him as someone who can draw her out from her shell—and yet, he could serve useful for a very dark secret she holds. Michael is attracted to her serenity—she calms his monster.

Drawn to one another by inexplicable desire, they both hide secrets to cruel realitites that will challenge their very need to love and survive.

Buy it now!

November 1, 2006
ISBN #0373617518
304 pages

Read the Reviews!

By Maureen Child


He was a Guardian. An immortal fighter of evil.

The sexy, sword-wielding stranger standing before Julie Carpenter claimed he was out to destroy a demon and that she was its next target. As he whisked her away to his fortresslike mansion high in the Hollywood hills, she could only hope Kieran was not the true danger.

For centuries Kieran had heard the legend of Destined Mates…but he never believed until now. He could read Julie's thoughts, sense her deepest desires. And he knew she wanted him just as he knew joining with her would make him strong enough to defeat any demon from hell. But the cost might be losing the woman who was his true salvation.

Buy it now!
December 1, 2006
ISBN #0373617534
304 pages

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By Caridad Pineiro

The Calling: Book 4

Diana and Ryder have let the darkness consume them. Their relationship is at a point where neither knows if they can continue to deal with the need that threatens to overwhelm all other aspects of their lives. When Diana is asked to investigate a possible terrorist attack against the United Nations, she is reunited with her former college love. Alejandro Garcia has become quite a man and it is difficult for Diana to battle her old attraction to him, as well as what he can provide her - a normal life filled with love and lightness. A life far removed from the one she has been sharing with Ryder.

Ryder has likewise been tempted - by a milennium old vamp named Stacia who seems to have mastered her darkness and passions. Unlike Diana, Stacia will never die, a fear that colors Ryder's every moment with Diana. Will Diana and Ryder be able to find their love once again, or will new temptations take them on different paths.

Look for DEVOTION CALLS and DUTY CALLS in 2007, featuring other characters from THE CALLING Vampire Series.

Buy it now!
December 1, 2006
ISBN #0373617526
304 pages

Read the Reviews!

By Lisa Childs

Witch Hunt Series


Ariel Cooper is about to marry her soul mate, but she has a secret. She can see ghosts.

For years Ariel's resented her gift, believing it a curse. She's been hiding it from her powerful, brooding fiancé, David, afraid that he wouldn't understand. But now she has to tell him. Twenty years ago, she and her two sisters were separated to protect them from a man who had vowed revenge on the women in her family. And someone has resumed the hunt.

Ariel knows she must warn her sisters before it's too late— the killer is closing in and his power is growing stronger. With David's help, they begin the search. But the closer Ariel comes to finding her sisters, the more secretive he becomes. Can she trust the man she plans to spend eternity with? Or has he been waiting for the perfect moment to destroy her?


2007 Scheduled Releases
  • CRY OF THE WOLF — Karen Whiddon - January '07
  • DEVOTION CALLS — Caridad Pineiro - January '07
  • BLOOD SON — Erica Orloff - February '07
  • NEVERMORE — Maureen Child - February '07
  • BLOOD SECRETS — Vivi Anna - March '07
  • TOUCH OF THE WOLF — Karen Whiddon - March '07
  • THE DARK GATE — Pamela Palmer - April '07
  • PERSECUTED — Lisa Childs - April '07
  • INFERNO: RAINTREE TRILOGY #1 — Linda Howard - May '07
  • HAUNTED: RAINTREE TRILOGY #2 - Linda Winstead Jones - June '07
  • THE BEAST WITHIN - Lisa Renee Jones - June '07
  • SANCTUARY: RAINTREE TRILOGY #3 - Beverly Barton - July '07
  • FAMILIAR STRANGER — Michele Hauf - August '07
  • WOLF AT THE WINDOW — Cynthia Cooke - September '07
  • NIGHT MISCHIEF — Nina Bruhns - October '07
  • KISS ME DEADLY — Michele Hauf - October '07
  • SAVING DESTINY — Pat White - November '07

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