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by Dee Gentle
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September 2007 Issue
Tales From the Sea
Spotlight on Mer & Selkie Romance
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Nocturne's Dark Enchantments
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Nina Bruhns

Bestselling author Nina Bruhns currently writes for Silhouette Romantic Suspense and Silhouette Nocturne, as well as cutting edge erotic romance under the pen name Nikita Black. A 2007 RITA nominee, her previous writing awards and honors have included two Daphne du Maurier Awards for Best Overall Romantic Suspense Book of the year, 2 RT Bookclub Reviewers Choice Awards for Best Intimate Moments of the Year, a National Readers Choice Award, five Dorothy Parker Awards of Excellence, and two Golden Hearts, to name just a few.

Nina’s novels contain a unique blend of interesting characters and settings, twisty suspense and sizzling romance. Considered by many as one of the signature Silhouette Romantic Suspense authors, Nina’s fifteenth novel for SRS, TOP-SECRET BRIDE, is out now (Sept 2007). Nina’s first dip into the paranormal for IM, GHOST OF A CHANCE, was named by Romantic Times Bookclub as the Best Intimate Moments of 2004. Its ghostly sequel, titled THE FORBIDDEN ENCHANTMENT, was out in February 2007, to be followed in March by THE REBEL PRINCE, a story featuring an alien hero—as in from outer space! 

Nina’s debut Nocturne, NIGHT MISCHIEF, is part of THE DARK ENCHANTMENT series. Written in her usual page-turning, ultra-sensual style, this dark and edgy novel features a demon hero who embodies the very essence of her intense, spine-tinglingly alpha male heroes.

An Interview with Nina Bruhns

PNR: Welcome Nina, can you tell us a little about how you started writing; was it something you have always wanted to do?

Nina B.: I’ve always loved expressing myself in words. Reading was my favorite hobby growing up, so writing was a natural extension of that. I wrote my first screenplay (romantic suspense!) in the 4th grade. I should have known then which way the wind blew, but it took many years before I actually decided to try writing seriously. I started taking classes in screenwriting about ten years ago and soon after that finished my first novel, which was based on a screen play I wrote for that class.

PNR: Readers are very excited about Nocturne’s new DARK ENCHANTMENTS series from Silhouette, the premise is very intriguing. How were you approached to join the project?

Nina B.: was my idea :D. I wanted to celebrate the fact that my critique partners (Michele Hauf, Cynthia Cooke and Pat White) and I had been together for 10 years and are still going strong, and now all published! I feel we did something magical together than needed to be marked with a tribute to ourselves, our friendship and our perseverance ! So I suggested to the others that we do an anthology together. It grew and morphed from there, and ended up as this series for Nocturne.

PNR: NIGHT MISCHIEF, book three of the series will be released in October 2007. Could you tell us about your contribution to the Dark Enchantments series, where does your story fit into this world?

Nina B.: My heroine is one of the twin daughters of the Earl of St. Yve, the leader of the Order of the Cadre. She is the chair of London University’s Department of Anachronistic Research, from which the Cadre recruits initiates. One day a handsome demon approaches her with a tempting but sinful proposition, and things go downhill from there. It is a very sensual, dark book. I absolutely love how it turned out.

PNR: Whose concept was the Dark Enchantments world? What is your unique take on this world as it relates to your book and characters?

Nina B.: Wow. It was very much a joint effort on the part of all 4 authors. We came up with all of it, all together. Some days we exchanged a hundred emails, discussing the details and how things would work. It was an extremely intricate balance because we are all 4 such very, very different writers, with very different thematic interests and different kinds of characters, and we agreed it was vital for everyone to feel equally at home with the world we created.

For me, I needed a world where the dark side could be sexy and tempting. I do themes of discovering and exploring the darkness within people’s minds and sexuality, so that was the most important aspect of our vision for my purposes. I think we ended up with an incredible world, which is both very compelling and evocative, and also flexible enough to encompass all the elements that 4 very different writers needed to work with. I think we did a fabulous job, if I don’t say so myself! :D

PNR: How much freedom were you given in developing your installment of the series? Were you given an outline, names, etc. or just the concept to develop?

Nina B.: As I said, we came up with everything ourselves, so there was total freedom.

PNR: What was the biggest challenge you faced working on the series? The most rewarding aspect? Would you do it again?

Nina B.: The biggest challenge by far was creating a world that could support all 4 of us, and still be vivid enough to come through as a strong and unique world in all the books. The most rewarding was the resulting stories and the strength working through this gave us as friends and authors.

For me personally, my biggest challenge was writing a real paranormal at all. I’d dabbled in “light” paranormals for Silhouette Romantic Suspense (in fact I have another one coming out in March 08 with them, THE REBEL PRINCE), but I always considered those as “normal” romantic suspense where the hero just happened to be dead, or whatever. But this series is the real deal. Genuine paranormal. That’s a very different animal, and quite a challenge to do for the first time, if you want to do it right. So, it follows that the most rewarding thing for me was the incredible leap my writing took as a result of my study of the techniques for writing paranormals. I know that my writing in general has benefited tremendously, even my romantic suspense, and that is something I never expected to happen. It’s what comes of stretching oneself as an artist.

PNR: What advice would you give to an author looking at being part of a series like this?

Nina B.: I’d say think twice, or even three times, before doing it if you are not given very specific instruction as to the world you are writing about. If not, then be sure you are working with very good friends who will survive the process. You will disagree a lot!!!

PNR: Will Nocturne be revisiting the Dark Enchantments world in the future?

Nina B.: We certainly hope so! I actually have a single title spin-off proposal I’m about to send off to my agent. Fingers crossed! Our idea behind the series was to create a world which each author could revisit at will for Nocturne or elsewhere. So I expect the other authors to come up with spin-off stories as well. I’m pretty sure Cynthia has something in the works.  

PNR: Could you tell us about your current projects, what can readers expect to see in the coming months? Do you have any additional series in the works? Single titles?

Nina B.: This month TOP-SECRET BRIDE is out with Silhouette Romantic Suspense, which is part of the MISSION: IMPASSIONED! series. This is the second series this particular group of SRS authors had done together, also being author-generated. My Nikita Black erotic thriller, SLAVE TO LOVE, is still selling strong (available thru Amazon) though it was released in February. Naturally I’m thrilled about that! My Dark Enchantments book, NIGHT MISCHIEF, will be out next month, in October 07. Then THE REBEL PRINCE is coming from SRS in March 08, and in June 08 I have another SRS tentatively titled SEX (AND MURDER) ON THE BEACH. That is book 1 of a new Summer Sizzlers series for SRS.

After that I’m hoping to take the plunge into the single title arena. As I mentioned, I have a paranormal proposal, as well as a romantic suspense proposal I’m working with my agent to sell. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime I have a 3-book series proposal already in with Nocturne, for contemporary stories set in Egypt featuring three sisters and shape-shifter heroes. I’m very excited about the idea and hope it flies!

PNR: Thank you Nina, for giving us a peek at this exciting series, where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Nina B.: You can check out my websites: and , and also my MySpace pages and  I also have a page.

I’m currently having my main Nina Bruhns site redesigned, and hope to have the new one up and running in September. It’s an awesome design (and not pink!)!!!
Nina Bruhns



Dark Enchantments Blog

Dark Enchantments Website

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October 1, 2007
ISBN #0373617720
EAN #9780373617722
288 pages

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Can a mortal fall in love with a demon...
Can a demon ever return that love...
Or are both damned to live out eternity...alone?

Daughter to the Earl of St. Yve, the beautiful Lady Dawn Maybank takes her responsibilities to the Cadre, the secret hermetic order of demon hunters her father heads, very seriously. But she is haunted by a fatal flaw she is desperate to hide from the world. One day a thoughtlessly spoken spell conjures Dawn’s worst nightmare....

Galen McManus is a demon of vengeance masquerading as an incubus. Handsome as the devil, he has a sinful body which he isn’t above using to weave his spell of cosmic justice. Those mortals he targets for ruin never suspect his purpose until it is far too late. Galen doesn’t believe in good or evil, in truth or lies, or in passions of any kind—other than for his job. He is all about balance.

But this demon is as cunning as he is wicked. To his newest victim Galen proposes a trade: the Demon Stone, a long-lost diamond for which her father has been searching his whole life, in exchange for Lady Dawn spending five nights in his bed. Of course, all this is just a ruse to hide his real objective: to teach Dawn the true meaning of vengeance in a lesson she’ll never forget.

But this time, Galen’s plans go awry and the sinister net the arrogant demon weaves traps his most unsuspecting victim yet…himself. And with the most unlikely of reasons—for love.

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