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by Barbara Sheridan
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December 2002
A Romance for all TIMEs!

Update: Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson is a fourth generation Californian who lives in the Sierra foothills with her husband and a pet cat. She is a member of the Clan Gregor Society of Scotland, the McAdams Historical Society, and is the co-founder of CYBER CLAN, the Internet home for tech-inclined clanfolk. She is a connoisseur of poetic doggerel and an enthusiastic gardener.

An Interview with Melanie Jackson

PNR: DOMINION is your second time travel romance. You've also written four historical romances, however the heroines of your two paranormals are contemporary women while the men have lived their lives in earlier times. What influenced you to take that direction?

Melanie J.: SShhhhh... this is a terrible sexist thing to say, so you mustn't tell a soul, but I have always suspected that your average woman would be more adaptable in a time travel situation. And these heroines' motivations and actions are easily understood by readers. They can readily put themselves into the heroines' shoes. Also, most readers know a fair amount about modern males. I think it is more fun to look at the mind of a man-- a hero-- from another era.

PNR: The beginning of this tale takes place in Heaven and made me think, "It's a Wonderful Life", NOT! The hero once known as Dominick is currently between lives. His past lives, spanning a millennium, haven't gone well, which is cause for the discussion between The Great One's right and left hand assistants, Enzo and Ilia. What is the reason for their consternation?

Melanie J.: No, this isn't It's A Wonderful Life. But it is about redemption. Perhaps it is closer to A Christmas Carol <g>.

Enzo and Ilia are upset because The Great one is unhappy when His experients
fail to work out. And when The Great One is unhappy, all of Heaven feels the
loss. Also, though the soul of a failed life is eventually returned to the clay for reworking, and therefore not destroyed utterly, the parts that made this person unique are lost forever. To lose one's life is sad. To lose one's identity -- forever -- is a tragedy. It's complete obliteration of the self.

PNR: This IS pretty heavy. What are their plans for Dom? do they make for this How does he react to the information? Does he even want to succeed?

Melanie J.: A part of Dom does want to succeed. His soul has been friendless, lost in a sort of emotional purgatory for a millennium. Imagine it-- not able to love wife, or child, or friend -- or even God. The difficulty comes when he is faced with actually changing the patterns of his life. He didn't choose his erring path on a whim, and he can't leave his path on a whim either. Compelling reasons must be supplied for him to deviate from the previous patterns of his life. That is why the cast of the last life where he knew about love is reassembled. All of them went wrong in that lifetime, and they all must break out of the destructive life-patterns they have locked themselves into in the centuries since.

PNR: The woman he is expected to find love with is Laris Thiessen. Why has she been chosen? Give us a little background on her current incarnation.

Melanie J.: Laris, though neither she nor Dom realize it, is the present-day incarnation of the only woman Dom ever loved. She is sent on this quest because, like Dom, she has also been locked into a pattern of recurring, self-destructive lives. The difference is that while he has made a quest of avoiding love, she has spent life after life loving futilely. It's two sides of the same coin, and in this sense, she is as lost as he is.

PNR: An unusual allowance is made to help Dom succeed. He will return full grown and with all his past memories intact. So Domitien is in essence a time traveler. He knows nothing of this new era he's been introduced to. How does he adjust?

Melanie J.: Dom also has access to the memories of the man whose body he inhabits. This causes him some consternation in the beginning while he adjusts to modern times. However, he is not completely without insight into the working of the present day. His duties in Heaven have included spiritual tasks on earth.

PNR: How do Domitien and Laris meet? What is her response to the meeting?

Melanie J.: The meet first in dreams and then in San Francisco. She's thrilled, appalled, terrified. And why not? Her dream man is suddenly alive. This makes her question all the rules -- the absolute -- that have guided her universe. If dreams may come to life, what else might happen?

PNR: What else indeed <g>. The villain who has followed Dom through his lifetimes, spoiling his chances for happiness, has again found them in this new one. Tell us about Rychard.

Melanie J.: Rychard, like Laris and Dom, is also part of the pattern that went awry a thousand years ago. His many lives since then have also been wasted. But
the Great One is merciful, and he is to be given a chance to recall his bloody
past and redeem his soul.

PNR: As with your previous time travel, NIGHT VISITOR, fantasy is an important element. Dom's efforts to avoid their nemesis send the pair into Death's shadow. There they are able to view his past failures. Though Dom has been allowed to keep his memories, all of this is new to Laris. How does seeing his lives through her eyes affect him?

Melanie J.: Don't all our sins and failures loom larger when someone else sees them? Especially if it is someone whose good opinion we desire? It's excrutiating for both Dom and Laris. But this is a necessary trial by fire. They HAVE to confront what they have been and done so that they can see where and why they have failed. Self-deception is no longer an option. Only the truth can set them free.

Writing about Dom's inabilty to love, and his many self-inflicted losses was painful. I couldn't help but ask myself how my life would play out were I to be put in his position.

PNR: We won't spoil the tale by giving anymore details. I understand you have an upcoming release entitled THE SELKIE. I have to admit that my first paranormal read involved a hero who was a selkie. I was immediately hooked! Tell us a bit about THE SELKIE.

Melanie J.: The Selkie is set in 1920's Scotland after WW I. It is a time of great change in the human world -- the telephone, automobiles etc. have found their way into this tiny Scottish fishing village that time has more or less forgotten.

It is also a era of great change in the kingdom of the selkies. Their species is dying. The women first, but now even male births have become rare. They are being forced into closer proximity with both humans and with a race of sorcerous finmen whose leader has resorted to soul-theft to fuel his empire's expansion.

The key to the selkies survival rests in the hands -- and the heart-- of an
American newcomer who has suffered great loss in the sea. The question in all their minds is whether she is strong enough to love across all cultural barriers, and wise enough to believe what science says can't be true.

PNR: What is next for Melanie Jackson?

Melanie J.: Next August will see the release of the first of the Wildside Romances. These are goblin spy-thrillers set in an alternative present-day reality. Book one, Traveler, is about the death fey, Jack Frost. Mercenary Jack is said to be cold, but agent provocateur, Io Cyphre, knows that he is actually blazing hot-- maybe too hot for her to handle.




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