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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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February 2000 Issue

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An Interview with Lady McKenna

Barb S: *pokes Lady Mck in the ribs* The Fictional Mckenna and Dani Curtis are heredity witches, the practices and teaches handed down to them through the generations . How did you come to be interested in Wicca? Is part of your family's heritage?

Lady Mck: ow..*L* family had a fit when I told them I was turning down this road...which surprised me some...for my mother was into spirituality when I was know....psychic readings...tarot...whatnot....but as a teen I became interested. I sought out info but at the time there were no real good resources on the subject..but still....there was this 'calling'...and I have always been a religious person...but could never find the right niche for me....*s*

Barb S: What do you mean by "calling" exactly?

Lady Mck: hmmm.....well.....I suppose it's like any other faith and its unique pulling of one's heart.....deep inside....I knew this was it...but out of ignorance...meaning....out of lack of good reading on it....and the belief that it was related to possibly the dark arts of Satanism is what shied me away from it for so long.

Barb S: So witches are not the dark demonic practitioners we see in some books and movies?

Lady Mck: No. For one thing Wiccans don't believe there is a Satan....why?....because everything and everyone is made of good and delicate must decide which road to travel...the belief?....Harm what you will.

Barb S: In Silver Rain Dani and Mckenna are somewhat "solitary" worshipping/practicing alone. Do you do this as well as participate in a group/coven? Can one do both or must you choose?

Lady Mck: Yes you can be both. You see Wicca is not just spellcasting its a way of all religions should be. You practice it by living, caring for and helping those around you. Yes I have belonged to a coven. When it expanded..I broke it off....but I'm still in contact with the High Priest and Priestess and am still considered a 'sister of the clan'..*s*.....

Barb S: Would that be similar to a member of what most of us consider a church congregation?

Lady Mck: Yes,a congregation of followers of a faith....but in seems...hmmm.... like there's more unity....but then again.....I haven't been to many churches....although I have read up on many faiths.

Barb S: So in a Wiccan gathering, comparing it to a church most are familiar with do the High Priest and Priestess oversee the service, lead others in prayer etc?

Lady Mck: Yes....the HP's run the circle and keep it in control....for a must do it all yourself.....but the coven members are more....its hard to the phrase...In perfect love and perfect trust.

Barb S: So you'd say everyone "works as a team" lending strength to the group worship?

Lady Mck: Oh yes. There has to be a unity of power, a link together. The chain is only as strong as its links. Everyone has a role......all are their own priest or priestess.......the HP's only oversee and contain.

Barb S: *grins, I'm getting good at interview stuff grin* You mentioned spellcasting. When we think of that we think of Samantha Stevens twitching her nose freezing people in place or those "teens from the Craft" making people see snakes or causing their rival's hair to fall out. Is this purely fiction or can casting a spell make..... things happen?

Lady Mck: Oh...there's some truth to The Craft movie..*L*.....not of the Bewitched show though. Yes....its called making a 'glamour' CAN change your eye color.....but must remember, Hollywood always has to overdo everything...*eyes twinkling*

Barb S: *surprised look* You never told me that when I was researching Silver Rain *poke*

Lady Mck: ow...*L*.....That's because I'd have to compete with a Heather Locklear....... *pokes back*

Barb S: *Pouts* ALL those crummy blind dates who dumped me because I am no Baywatch babe and you could have coached me into getting an edge and you didn't......

Lady Mck: But its a 'glamour'...a falsehood.....what's more beautiful then a wonderful soul?

Barb S: *Points to ALL those guys who dumped me after one date* Ask them.

Lady Mck: Ok ok......(are we still interviewing here?) But if they had stayed.....could you keep your eyes blue forever?

Barb S: (Yes this is the interview still) And I don't know if could I have kept up a "glamour" Besides its not the eyes it's the changing the size 14 shape into the size 8 I --er---THEY wanted *smirk*

Lady Mck: *LOL*.....Have you ever seen a gorgeous Samantha Stevens looking witch?......Its irrelevant to us....( most).....*laughing again*

Barb S: I don't know, I never looked, besides the only real witch I know is you *poke* So... on the spell thing.... In Silver Rain Dani does a candle spell to help bring Alain's reincarnated love to him and she does another --prompted by Mckenna-- to make the woman phone.... these were based on spells in books I found. Have you ever done anything similar (side note _I_ made the phone spell work in real life, Mck couldn't *smirk*)?

Lady Mck: I see that...*poke*....but you couldn't have done it without me....*sticking out my tongue*....and no.....I've never really had a reason to 'bend' the nature of things. It's just not good karma sometimes.

Barb S: Sort of the be careful what you wish for concept?

Lady Mck: Exactly. There is white magic and black magic. When you change things to go 'your way' impacts the balance in everything else...a domino effect. Caution must be used at all times.

Barb S: So if someone did a spell to make a married person free of committments it could in effect cause that married one's partner and or children to die?

Lady Mck: Nothing like that. should never perform a spell without that persons knowledge Two...if that person was not meant to love you...then why do it? The only negative effects would be a broken marriage that could lead to future broken marriages by the kids yadda have to look at the whole picture....the ramifications... ALSO......the threefold law.

Barb S: The three fold law? Sort of a Divine Justice?

Lady Mck: Yes. Whatever you do....good or bad.....comes back to you....with a vengeance. The best thing to do is to do the 'right' thing to keep yourself from getting burned...*L*

Barb S: The fictional Dani and the Mckenna are interested and practice herbal healing, and using crystals have you ever done that?

Lady Mck: Not the crystal thing...but yes...the herbs....but it must be remembered that if someone is on a prescription drug or has allergies...well.....drugs come from herbs. Herbs are drugs and can have adverse reactions.

Barb S: Interesting. Can you recommend any books or web sites that might warn of drug interactions? The drug stores are filled with jars of herbal remedies but I've never seen any "how to use" pamphlets.

Lady Mck: *snickering* On my webpage there are three pages on herbs....(not much about interactions) All I can say about that is to ALWAYS ask the pharmacist before trying something new and of course speak with your Doctor. They are more open to herbs then they used to be. There are also lots of sites on herbal meds...just surf....

Barb S: *smiles at She who taught me how to be a shameless self promotional hussy* In Silver Rain Mckenna can "read" Dani and Alain's emotions, sense when they're upset or in trouble.... it's what she considers an inborn "gift" You share this trait, yes?

Lady Mck: Yes. I think we all develop our 'gifts' when learning the art, not that Wiccans are exclusive...just that they intune themselves to finding and using it. I can read emotions most of the time...not all....but I can't read the mind.....only 'sense' when one is happy, or upset, so forth.....and I try to help them....when you're empathic....and that's the term Sis..*poke*'re often one of these emotional people you hear about...*L*

Barb S: Are you suggesting that I give you those Mckenna stress headaches like Dani gives her friend in the book?

Lady Mck: You?....*LOL* I would consider one emotion..... pessimistic.... *ducking as I laugh*...I was talking about me.... Its like.....when a psychic healer heals someone...they usually take in some of the pain...and will physically hurt.. It's the same with emotional healers.

Barb S: Ahhhhhh. Well, I guess that's about it. So, if any of the PNR readers are interested in chatting live with you, will you come to dazzle them with your lightning wit? *really big smirk*

Lady Mck: Oh now Sis, of course I would 'cause they just might tire of you alone real quick *giving that infamous dazzling smile with a wink*

Barb S: *laughing hysterically knowing that she's sucking up guessing how popular Silver Rain is sure to be..........* Thank you, Lady Mck, you're the best sister I never really had. *hugs*


Dani's best friend
and fellow Wiccan



I met "Lady Mckenna" online about two years ago when we'd both come upon a chat site that tends to come off as a soap opera at times. It wasn't long before we would post our observations of the melodrama to one another via ICQ--- sort of a running commentary in the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

We'd been friends for quite some time and I knew of Lady Mck's interest in witchcraft or Wicca and, grasping for an idea to present to my editor following the acceptance of Timeless Wish (and rejection of two other proposals) I wrote up a proposal featuring a practicing, albeit, uncertain Wiccan, Danielle "Dani" Curtis.

The phrase "write what you know" is something of a given but then I'm one of those color outside the lines people and when my editor said she LOVED the premise for Silver Rain I panicked and of course went boo-hooing to Lady Mckenna. She advised me on which books to look for, good websites to visit, and acted as a sounding board for the "technical scenes".

It came as no real surprise to me when Dani Curtis' mentor Mckenna popped into fictional existence. Actually, Mckenna barged into the book, guiding and prodding from the shadows as necessary. One of the advance reviews (from Nichole Williamson of the Old Book Barn Gazette) commented on the spirited dialogue between Dani and Mckenna. The characters do have a certain entertaining quality when they interact and I hope to bring them back in future works.

That said, I suppose I did "write what I knew" because the following conversation between Lady Mck and myself does sound like an eavesdropping session in Dani's metaphysical supply shop.....


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