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by Barbara Sheridan
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May 2003 Issue

Making Romance Magic!

Featuring: Karen Fox, Julie Kenner,
Kathleen Nance, Robin D. Owens and Deb Stover

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"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is."
~ Albert Einstein

Though they'd parted company over a decade ago, master illusionist Brandon Goodfellow knew the moment Rose Thayer entered the theatre. Once these two had been the best of friends. That was before their thirteenth birthday, when Rose had come into her magic, the magic Brand had always coveted and had been denied thanks to his father who had become a mortal before Brand was born. Brand had felt betrayed, by both Robin, and by Rose who had stirred his first feelings of romantic love. It was a love that could never be, because he was a mere mortal who would grow old and die, while Rose stayed forever young. He knew why she'd come, to expose his trade secrets to the world, and possibly ruin his career as she'd done to others. He wouldn't make it easy on her. She'd have to get her story without using her magick. He was certain she couldn't do it, but he hadn't counted on the power of their love. Enjoy the latest of Karen Fox's faerie tales, IMPRACTICAL MAGIC.

As Minstrel of Kaf, Zayne alone was responsible for keeping the his world in harmony. Like all his people he was highly sensual, and his role among the Djinn made him highly desirable as well. Now with a strange force vying with his ma-at for control of his songs and disturbing the balance on Kaf, Zayne had ceased to find those brief encounters satisfying. He needed more. Zayne knew that he must experience what few of the Djinn but every Minstrel before him had. He must find and bond with his zaniya, his soul mate. Only their combined song would settle their world again. But the divination to discover his one and only turns up a surprise. The woman he seeks in not of Kaf, but of Terra (Earth). His mother had strongly warned him to avoid contact with humans, but one glimpse of Madeline Fairbanks had him hooked. And before he discovered that she could not carry a tune, he'd lost his heart to her forever. What would become of Kaf? Find out in SPELLBOUND the four book in the Djinn series by Kathleen Nance.

Ruis Elder was on trial for theft. The maximum penalty was death. Ruis expected no mercy, expecially from his Uncle who was head of the council. He was a Null, an embarrassment, without power on a world where Flair was everything. Worse yet, his very presence negated the flair of everyone in his vacinity. He'd been shunned his whole life, which had been a living hell. But now faced with execution he realized that he very much wanted to live. Yes, he had stolen valuable gems, but only to survive or to restore the Earth relics that meant so much to him and so little to those who were able use flair for every convenience. Now with his life on the line he had finally met a woman he could easily come to love. Unlike the others, Judge Ailim D'SilverFir a strong telempath, had found his presence conforting. With him the pounding of others' thoughts and emotions ceased, and she became free to enjoy her own. Her strong sense of justice would prompt her to bend the laws she'd sworn to uphold in search of the evidence that would exhonerate this thief who had stolen her heart. Enjoy HEART THIEF, the second book in the Celta series by Robin D. Owens.

When Brigit Mulligan had taken her son to Ireland meet his late father's family, she had fallen head over heels in love with her brother-in-law Riley. The joining of these soul mates had broken a centuries old curse on the family castle. So why then is Riley's younger sister Maggie, recently returned to Ballybronagh, so reluctant to live there? Could it be that there is more to the family legend than had been revealed? Why is she so attracted to the handsome American, Nick Desmond, and why are they both hearing voices in their heads? To learn the answers, pick up a copy of MULLIGAN MAGIC by Deb Stover.

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