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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

May 2001

What is Paranormal Romance?????
TOP Paranormal Romance Authors Define the SUB-GENRE!
COVER POLL: How do romance covers influence purchasing?
YOU tell us. Take the cover poll.

PNR POLL: We Want More............ Romance Conferences!
Find out what the listers have to say.
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Live from Atlanta:
Celebrate Romance 2001
Local Coverage: 2001 Wisconsin RWA Convention

Celebrating Romance

Dear Romance Readers,

The PNR gang just returned from a wonderful trip to Atlanta and the CR 2001 conference. It was a fun filled weekend. One of the things that really surprised us was the number of people who realized that they were indeed paranormal romance lovers, once they were told what paranormal romance actually is!

Yes it is a diverse sub-genre and much larger than most folks suspect. Paranormal Romance has something to suit just about everyone's taste. For you folks out there who still aren't sure what Paranormal Romance is, we've asked the experts, yep that's right the folks who write it, to define the
sub-genre. You too may discover that you're a paranormal romance lover.

Ah Romance........and what better way to celebrate it than with
a Romance Lover's Conference?

The fourth annual Celebrate Romance conference kicked off a new millennium in Atlanta, GA, giving romance readers what they love best.....a chance to hobnob, up close and personal, with some of their favorite romance authors. Romance lovers converged on the Doubletree Perimeter hotel the weekend of May 4-6. If you missed this year's conference, or just wish to reminisce, we are pleased to be able to share the adventure with you. Don't forget to check out the photos from the event.

Recently Cy Korte attended the Wisconsin RWA Convention, and sent us back a wonderful report of events and photos. Do you have a local event you'd like to report? Send us an email with the details.

Covers, the author's dream, or worst nightmare? Will the cover capture the spirit of the tale? Will it call out to the readers to buy the book? Do covers have an influence on your purchasing? Take the cover poll and let us know what is hot, and what is not.

Romance Conferences is the theme of this month's We Want More discussion. Find out what attracts authors and readers to these events.

graphics courtesy of Darlene's Romance Clipart

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