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by Barbara Sheridan
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June 2001

A Fine TIME ..... for Romance!

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Marianne Petit

Although I live in the State of New York, which is so different from the vast open prairies of Montana and Wyoming where my story A FIND THROUGH TIME takes place, I have always loved the West and the people whose struggles and perseverance has had such a great impact on our lives today. If not for those first pioneers who traveled across our great continent in search of a new life, if not for the people who fought for what they believed in, who struggled to preserve their way of life and sacrificed everything in the name of progress, we would not have moved on to become the society we are today. It is from their blood, sweat, accomplishments and sometimes their deaths that we have learned and grown. I hope you enjoy reading A FIND THROUGH TIME as much as I enjoyed living it though the eyes of Two Moons, Roy and Gabrielle.

Marianne Petit is Vice President of the Long Island Chapter of the Romance Writers Of America and is a member of the New York City RWA Chapter. Her love of writing stems back to high school. She spent hours reading Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock and poetry. At the age of fifteen she wrote a short story for children, as well as numerous works of poetry. Her love of history stems from her father, Roger, a Frenchman, whose love of American history greatly influenced her writing interests .

She is a member of the Melville Lions club, a service organization that raises money for the less fortunate - especially the sight and hearing impaired. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors.

When she's not writing, Marianne works with her husband in his chiropractic office. She loves to ski, raft, horseback ride, and enjoys the theater. Marianne lives on Long Island with her two teenage sons and she is happily married for 21 years.

An Interview with Marianne Petit

PNR: Marianne, A Find Through Time is your first time travel novel. What do you think is the appeal of this paranormal sub-category?

Marianne P: Despite what the big houses, at this time, are saying, people love time travels; I think in part because not only are they a combination of a contemporary and a historical, (in my case), but the idea of traveling in time is intriguing.

PNR: Your heroine is a perfect candidate for time travel. She is emotionally isolated?

Marianne P: She is emotionally overwhelmed by her mother, her job and her love life and wants desperately to get away from everything and everyone.

PNR: Though Gabrielle Camden isn't interest in any kind of relationship with a man, someone is very much interested in her. Tell us about Roy Prescott.

Marianne P: Roy is really a sweet heart, who is trying to change his ways and put his past behind him. He's cleaned up his act and wants a second chance in life.

PNR: How does Gabrielle's occupation lead to her time travel experience? What is the significance of the place and time she has traveled to, and why did you choose it?

Marianne P: She is a forensic artist who reconstructs a skull found at an archeological dig site. When she goes back to the site to look for more clues as to who the person was, she is sent back in time when she climbs into the hole where the body was found. My idea for this story came from a documentary on TV about a skull found in the fields of the Battle of The Little Bighorn and the idea intrigued me. Although the skull from the documentary was that of a soldier who fought that day, my love of the Native American culture, led me to tell their side of the story and I decided to make the skull that of a Native American woman.

PNR: Gabrielle's experience could be called reincarnation in reverse. She finds herself in the body of her find, a half Native American female?

Marianne P: Yes, the skull she reconstructs turns out the be in her image.

PNR: She is discovered by Two Moons, a Lakota warrior. He distrusts her instantly. Why?

Marianne P: When Gabby goes back, she is in the body of a Crow woman. The Crow are the hated enemy of the Sioux. Plus, since it is said that the eyes are the "window of our souls," her eyes remain blue, thus she is half white, and he hates the white man more than the Crow.

PNR: How does an independent 21st century woman cope with her treatment at the hands of Two Moon's people?

Marianne P: Well, not easily. The fact that she is used to living and working from one archeological dig site to another and living out doors, helps, but she does miss her comforts. Being interested in relics from past societies also helps, because now, living in the past, seeing things first hand, she is excited to learn about a culture she could only read about.

PNR: In spite of his reservations, Two Moons is very attracted to the woman he calls Blue Eyes. What does she do to win his respect?

Marianne P: He admires her spirit, her independence and that she challenges him. Then, she earns, not only his respect, but his people's, when she does a courageous act.

PNR: What is Roy's reaction to Gabrielle's disappearance? How does he deal with it?

Marianne P: Although he doesn't know that she disappeared and is told that she is away doing research, his gut instinct tells him that she is in danger, so he goes out to find her.

PNR: An obvious advantage of being from the future is knowing what will occur in the past. How does Gabrielle feel about using this knowledge?

Marianne P: She is torn between warning his people about the battle and changing history.

PNR: What does Gabrielle ultimately gain from her experience?

Marainne P: The love of her soul mate. An understanding about a past occurrence. A
renewed understanding about mother/daughter relationships and she learns a family secret.

PNR: Do you plan to write additional time travel romances in the future? What is next for Marianne Petit?

Marianne P: I'd love to write another time travel, in fact I do have one started that takes place during the discovery of gold in CA. But, time travels are a hard sell right now, so I'm working on a contemporary, suspense, that leads to murder. I also have a historical set in Virginia in the late 1700s finished, which I am trying to sell.

Marianne Petit



Buy it now!

WigWam Publishing Co
October, 2000
212 pages
ISBN: 1930076185

A FIND THROUGH TIME - Struggling with severed family ties and a love life gone sour, forensic artist Gabrielle Camden immerses herself in sculpting the face of a young Native American woman whose parallel life takes her on an incredible journey back in time to Custer's Last Stand.

The path leads her deep into the heart of the Sioux nation and into the arms of a Lakota warrior named Two Moons.

Gabrielle must reconcile her life on the plains with the one she left behind and the man who awaits her return. But before she can give her love to one man, she must lose the love of another.




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