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by Barbara Sheridan
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March 2003 Issue

When Worlds Collide!
Part I

Featuring: Tina Ancinec, Susan Grant,
Patti O'Shea, and Patricia Waddell


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"Do I dare disturb the universe?" ~ T. S. Eliot

The future is a blank page which only time will fill. In the meantime, several daring paranormal romance authors have been busily filling pages with their own visions of life beyond our time and space.

When the new millennium made its entrance with none of the expected cataclysmic fanfare, the residents of planet Earth heaved a sigh or relief. That relief was short lived. Before the first decade had even elapsed massive tectonic activity had sent much of Earth's land mass into the sea. Professor Austin Green and his son had barely escaped Los Angeles in time. Further calamity had been predicted for December 22, 2012. Green has a tremendous urge to discover whether or not mankinds survives this catastrophe. With his son, he devises a way to bend time and space to learn the truth. DOES THE MUSIC PLAY FOREVER? Find out in this exciting new romantic Science Fiction novel by Tina Ancinec.

Alien Abduction or Rescue Mission? It all depends on your point of view. Or does it? Either way Jordan Cady, co-pilot of UAL Flight 58, is solely responsible for the welfare of the crew and passengers, when their plane is engulfed by the "Savior," a starship patrolling uncharterd space in search of Talagar invaders. Are they the lone survivors of a shattered Earth, or merely pawns in terrible quest for power? Together with their alien liaison, Kao Vantaar-Morey, Jordan will find the answers, and just maybe a love written in the stars in CONTACT by Susan Grant.

Telecommunications expert, Rayvn Verdier is shocked to discover the ravaged bodies of her Colonization Assessment team which had been sent to determine the habitability of Javed Nine. It had been by mere luck that she had been spared. What is even more frightening was to discover that a distress beacon had alerted the Special Ops team, training on the far side of the planet, to her plight. She had been too distressed to think of activating it. Damon Brody, the Spec Op team commander could only conclude that it had been set off by the serial killer itself. This is born out when he finds his own team ritually slaughtered as well. The CAT team had been sitting ducks, but what could have taken down his highly trained operatives with no sign of struggle? Knowing that they are alone and definitely hunted, the pair make their way to the abandoned Old City in search of answers. Will they find them before it is too late? Find out in RAVYN'S FLIGHT, the award winning debut by Patti O'Shea.

Zara, Queen of the peaceful agrarian world of Nubria, had refused to end the neutrality of her world by giving up the location of rebel warriors to the Union Council. It had been therefore been decreed that she wed the Commander of the Galactic Guard for her disobedience. For the first time her world would have a King, a warrior king at that. And although her special gift told her that Logan was an honorable man, she knew that for him the marriage was just part of his duty. The mission was a personal one for him, and he would expect her loyalty as his right as her lord. But although he inspires her passion, she is determined to keep her secrets. Who will win this battle of wills? Enjoy WHISPERS IN THE STARS by Patricia Waddell.

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