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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

March 2002 Issue

Team Canada - A Spotlight on LTDBooks!

FEATURING: Publisher Laura Adlam, Authors: J. C. Wilder,
Monette Micheals, Isabo Kelly and Megan Sybil Baker

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Last month Canada wowed us with its talent on the ice. This month PNR spotlights LTDBooks of Canada, an up and coming publisher of fine romance novels. Visit with LTDBooks' Publisher Laura Adlam in an interview with Barbara Sheridan and sample some of the lastest in paranormal romance literature by four LTD authors.

Step back into the world of the Shadow Dwellers, the fascinating preternaturals who live among us, as vampire Alexandre Saint-Juste battles his demons and discovers that love can come in expected packages. Alexandre has been challenged for his position as Council Head, a vital diary has fallen into the hands of his enemies, and now a strange malady is killing off young vampires in New Orleans. The last thing Alexandre needs is a young, beautiful, and flighty young vampire, to distract him from his duties. Sunni had been in love with him for years, but she isn't even his type, and besides the SINS OF THE FLESH has always been his downfall. He may be able to fool himself, but his attraction has not escaped those plotting his downfall. Can he overcome his past to save his world and find the personal happiness he'd always been denied? Join J. C. Wilder in this fifth book of the Shadow Dwellers series.

Morgan Tarrant had left her home far behind but couldn't escape her gift, or was it her curse? Swamped again by FATAL VISION, Morgan becomes notorious in New York City as well as she had in her hometown of Salem, Mass. But for the first time a killer gets away without paying for his crimes. Morgan seeks refuge this time in a small midwestern town, but the visions are back, and so is the killer with a new M.O. Darien Storm is now posing as the returned Messiah, and is using everything in his arsenal of evil, including his own mild psychic ablility, to bilk the town of its church funds. Once more he will stop at nothing to succeed and when women begin turning up dead, Morgan knows that only she can stop him. Will her strange connection with Dectective Gabriel Walsh be enough to insure that she does not become Darien's next victim? Is he the treasure that her visions promise, should she find the courage to bring Darien down? Visit French Creek, Indiana for a tale paranormal ability and romantic suspense by Monette Michaels.

A prophesy has been fulfilled. The newborn female child's power had made itself known to the magical forces both good and evil. As they converge on Dareelia to claim her, two mortals will play a major role in determining her destiny. Jacob Marin of the King's Own Guard is highly intrigued by the skillful little gambler/thief who hides her charms beneath boy's clothing. This infamous ladies' man hadn't felt interest like this in since he'd had his heart broken two years ago. Vic Flash a.k.a Victoria prides herself on her quick mind and hands. Orphaned early she'd faced the choice of selling her body, or joining the ranks of gamblers and thieves. She'd chosen the latter, avoiding entanglements, and becoming one of the best of her kind. Goblins have been noticed approaching the city and Jacob hires Vic as a spy to keep her close. But when the information she carries indicates a far greater danger, all he can think about is keeping her safe. Having tasted desire will Vic allow Jacob to face this challenge alone? Enter the fantasy world of Isabo Kelly, in THIEF'S DESIRE the first installement of the Fate's Hand Trilogy.

If a good science fiction romance is what you desire, blast of to the future with Linnea Sinclair writing as Megan Sybil Baker, as Chasidah "Chaz" Bergen, captain of an interstellar patrol ship is court martialed for failing to obey instructions she'd never received, and is sentenced to life on Moabar, the worst prison planet in the universe. Could things get any worse? Then Gabriel Ross "Sully" Sullivan, her former nemesis, offers her freedom in exchange for her piloting skills and her assistance in shutting down some illegal genetics experiments. Before long it is clear that he'd like even more from her. Sully is a man that Chaz could definitely love, but he has a dark and deadly secret that she would both hate and risk her life to protect. Enjoy GABRIEL'S GHOST .

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