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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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November 2000 Issue

Dial "O" for Other-worldly Assistance!



Has this ever happened to you?

You've just discovered a wonderful new author only to discover that the latest edition to your keep shelf is the third book in a five book series......and the first two books are out of print...

Or your kids have flown the nest, leaving your basement filled with unwanted tapes, CDs, movies or video games that are taking up the space reserved for your growing TBR pile...

Somewhere out there there might be someone who has those books you'd love to get your hands on.

Somewhere out there there might be someone who is looking for those things YOU no longer have use for.

They say one's man's trash is another man's treasure, Welcome to!

PNR gets the scoop on

PNR: Tell us about

WGT: The idea for the site occurred to me while pondering the fate of the stacks and stacks of very gently used books, music, videos, and computer games piling up around the house. Although these were in new or near new condition, we no longer had any use for them and no real way of getting rid of them except for donating some of the items to a local library. I couldn't bear the idea of (gasp) throwing them away since they were in such good condition and cost so much money. The local library was essentially giving our donated items away or throwing them away because of limited stack space. I was also fed up with paying high retail prices for items that I would only use once or twice. I found that the internet was a way I could buy, sell, or trade some of these things using mailing lists or the like but this was very hit or miss. The stacks just kept on getting higher and higher.

After talking to a number of people, I found I wasn't the only one in this situation so I decided to create a site,, where people who loved books, music, videos, and games could buy and sell in a free classified ad format to one another. However, my aim was to make it different from the other sites that are out there.

PNR: What inspired the name

WGT: As I looked at the stacks of books, cds, videos, and games laying around the house, I realized that I couldn't just toss them away because, like my son's ragged Teddy bear, all of this had once been "loved stuff" - hence the site name.

PNR: What makes your site different?

WGT: I looked at all of the sites that were out there for buying and selling of books, CDs, videos, and games. I found that these sites were either dominated by "dealers" who were looking to unload their stock at inflated prices, or were looking to charge me a fee to buy or sell these relatively low priced item. There was also the auction scene but that forum just didn't seem right for these used articles. I wanted to create a site where users could comfortably and easily buy and sell these items to one another for free. I don't run one of those "big" operations which may be gone tomorrow or that really don't care about the wants or needs of the user community.

It's also a place were you can list all of your used items without having to set up your own web site and to be able to reach more potential buyers than you could on your own. Users can search the site by your username which means they can find all of the items you have for sale. All classified postings remain on the site for 90 days instead of the typical 14 or 30 days and can be reposted if necessary. We also allow up to 500 character descriptions.

Internet privacy is one of the most important things I consider whenever I decide to "join" a site. I just hate the idea of getting spam mail either directly or indirect from a site. I also worry about sites tracking my usage or internet comings and goings through the use of cookies or other means. I have been subjected to my email address being bought and sold countless times resulting in my having to change my email address. I didn't want this site to be like that!

I built with this in mind. Lovedstuff will NEVER sell or give away any of your personal information to anyone. We do not use cookies which can be used to track your comings or goings. We also keep your personal information, like email addresses, private from other users or visitors until the time you decide to contact them. You will also never get any unsolicited email from us. We have a simple and straightforward privacy policy statement on the site which lets you know, in terms you can understand, how we conduct business as far as your information is concerned.

PNR: Sounds good, so how does your site work?

WGT: is set up with four main categories - books, music, videos and games. Each of the categories is further broken up into sub-categories. There is also a site-wide search capability so you can find specific items quickly. Anyone who visits the site can browse the classified listings to see what people have to offer. However, to respond to or post a classified, a user needs to sign-on. To sign-on all we ask is that you come up with a username or alias and supply us with your email address. Within moments we email you a password to be used with your username. We ask for your email address to protect everyone on the site. This prevents someone from generating an account for the purposes of sending unsolicited email and provides a way for you to contact the seller. Again, we keep this email information private until YOU are ready to contact the seller.

Once you have a valid username and password, you can then post an item for sale or contact a seller. As a registered user, your initial contact with the seller, via email, will be through our server. Your message is sent to the seller and both can agree, via email, on the terms of the sale. Remember that this is a person-to-person system and only serves to bring the buyer and seller together.

We don't have any minimum or maximum price limits on what you can sell your item for but remember that was created for selling those gently used items that you have around the house so they should be priced to sell.

PNR: What about payment between the buyer and seller?

WGT: Payment between the buyer and seller can occur in any number of ways as decided upon by both parties. Payment can be made by check or other traditional means. You can also take advantage of some of the safe and secure internet payment systems run by major banks, such as This method allows direct and free payment between buyers and sellers using either credit card or direct bank withdrawals and deposits.

PNR: And Lovedstuff receives no money from either the buyer or the seller?

WGT: That's correct. All of our revenues come from banner advertising.

PNR: How long has the site been around?

WGT: The site debuted last month. It took a while to get everything the way we wanted it so that it would be a comfortable, pleasant, and secure place for the users of the site.

PNR: What's on the horizon for the site?

WGT: We're working on a "Want Ads" addition to the site where users can post items they are looking to buy but currently is not listed on the site. We're hoping that this feature will additional value to the user community.

PNR: Thanks and where can we contact you?

WGT: You can contact us directly though or email me at

Note: LovedStuff closed its doors in 2006

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