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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

May 2006 Issue

Publisher Spotlight
Spotlight on Kensington's New Aphrodisia Line

APHRODISIA—Redefining the word HOT!

We are talking with Audrey LaFehr, editorial director of Kensington’s new Aphrodisia line of erotic romance.

PNR: Readers are very excited about the new Aphrodisia line; could you tell us how this line differs from the already established Brava Erotic Romance Line? 

Audrey L.: While very hot and sexy, Brava still follows the “rules” of traditional romance—one man and one woman fall in love in the course of the book and arrive at some sort of permanent commitment at the end.  Aphrodisia throws away the rules—anything goes, as long as it’s super hot, sexy, explicit, legal, and all about a woman’s sexual pleasure.  Oftentimes the woman does find and fall in love with her soul mate, but that is not a requirement.  However, a happy (or shall we say an extremely satisfying?) ending is a must.   

PNR: Until recently erotic romance was offered primarily through electronic publishers; what were the deciding factors in Kensington’s decision to create this new line?  

Audrey L.: The growing presence of electronic publishers signaled that this genre was becoming mainstream, and the fact that a major chain like Border’s started to take erotic romances and do well with them opened the door for traditional print publishers.

PNR: What were the risk factors? Have sales indicated that the risk was worth taking? 

Audrey L.: Everything in publishing is risky, mainly because we have to go to contract for books and pay out money long before we publish them and see any return on that investment.  We’ve managed that risk by keeping advances reasonable, and containing other costs such as covers and marketing.  I think it’s clear that the risk was worth taking, and we also have our authors to thank for delivering great books and throwing themselves so energetically into promoting not only their own books but the entire line.  They have been fantastic!

PNR: The Brava Erotic Romance covers are quite tame and give little indication about content, while the Aphrodisia covers are bold and leave little to the imagination; has the market indicated a new willingness to accept erotic romance as mainstream? 

Audrey L.: We decided from the get-go to use the covers to show what was inside—hopefully drawing the readers who want the super-explicit stories and warning off those who don’t.  There is enough romance out there already that we needed to show, at a glance, how Aphrodisia is different.  We knew these books would not be taken by the Walmarts of the world, anyway, so there was no pressure to do covers that would be acceptable to everyone.  

PNR: Kensington has established African American, Wicca, and Urban imprints and has an extensive inventory of Gay/Lesbian romance. Now you are at the forefront of the new interest in erotic literature, even offering titles in ebook format.  Do you consider yourselves pioneers in the industry, taking risks while other publishers are playing it safe?

Audrey L.: We certainly do see ourselves as pioneers, and that is thanks to the leadership of the company who encourages and pushes for innovation, and the fact that we are relatively small and privately owned, and can maybe move more quickly on a new idea than a giant house can.  If an editor has an idea, chances are she’ll be allowed to run with it and get plenty of support.  Not every idea works, but enough do that it makes for a very dynamic, exciting, creative work environment.

PNR: In your opinion, how far can you go with erotic content and have it still be considered romance? 

Audrey L.: Aphrodisia would not be considered romance by many traditionalists.  It is categorized as “Erotic Romance” for a simple, practical reason—we want it to be sold to the romance buyer and go into or near the romance section of the bookstore.  If it had “Erotica” on the spine, it would go into general fiction or an erotica section if the store has one, and our readers (who are primarily romance readers who want something hotter) would not be able to find our books easily.  Other than that, Aphrodisia does not have to conform to the usual parameters of romance.

PNR: What can readers expect to see in the coming months?  What paranormal romance offerings can we look for? 

Audrey L.: There is so much to look forward to in the coming months!  A deliciously naughty historical from Celia May Hart called SHOW ME in June; WOLF TALES II, a sizzling paranormal from the fabulous Kate Douglas in July; the launch of a new series of erotic anthologies each focusing on a particular female fantasy is coming this summer with THE COWBOY, to be followed by THE COP, THE HAREM, THE FIREFIGHTER, etc.  We are expanding the number of titles in Aphrodisia, covering the range of readers’ tastes from contemporaries to historicals, futuristics, paranormals, and even a fascinating and daring bdsm story in August called SURRENDER by Vonna Harper.  Something for everyone!

PNR: Thank you, Audrey, for taking time out to talk with us about Kensington’s Aphrodisia line, where can readers find out more about the upcoming releases?   

Audrey L.: Please go to,, or to our authors’ individual websites.  Thank you!



Featured in this issue:

Interviews with:

Vivi Anna
Kate Douglas
Audrey LaFehr, Editorial Director



The Authors

Jami Alden
Renee Alexis
Nicki Alton
Vivi Anna
Lucinda Betts
Alyssa Brooks
Layla Chase
Rachelle Chase
Sunny Chen
Jodi Lynn Copeland
Lacy Danes
Kathleen Dante
Delilah Devlin
Nelissa Donovan
Kate Douglas
Bonnie Edwards
Vonna Harper
Celia May Hart
Morgan Hawke
Myla Jackson
PF Kozak
Deanna Lee
Renee Luke
Susan Lyons
Noelle Mack
PJ Mellor
Sharon Page
Devyn Quinn
Celia Stuart
Karin Tabke
Sasha White

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