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by Barbara Sheridan
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March 2000 Issue

The Return of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous!


Dorchester to Introduce New Gothic Line!

Barb gets the scoop from editor Christopher Keeslar

Barb S: The first question that came to mind when I heard about the new Candleglow line was why? Why have you decided to revive the Gothic romance?

Chris K: With the recent spate of popular romances which feature dark heroes - including those of CHRISTINE FEEHAN's Carpathian series and the like - it seemed that the market was again ready. The genre's enigmatic, and sometimes dangerous heroes (such as Rochester from Jane Eyre and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights) have always been popular in romantic fiction, but it seemed that our readers were not only anxious for their return, but for something a little hotter. Candleglow will focus on not only the evocative and ominous settings that made the original Gothics so great, but we hope to complement that by exploring the sensual side of their heroes. What could be better than unveiling their "mysteries"?

Barb S: Can you tell exactly when we can expect to see the first Candleglow on store shelves?

Chris K: Right now, the books are scheduled to appear in November of 2000, and should follow one per month for several months. After that, as per demand and supply, they should appear once every several months.

Barb S: Which authors are kicking off the line? Will you be bringing us new as well as established authors?

Chris K: Evelyn Rogers is writing the launch book, Devil in the Dark, which will be followed by Colleen Shannon's The Wolf of Haskell Hall, then books by Penelope Neri and CHRISTINE FEEHAN. From there, it will be a lineup of both new and established authors. We already have some wonderful people hard at work.

Barb S: In days past such storylines revolved around new governesses or orphaned young women gone to live with mysterious relatives or other benefactor. Will we be seeing this same type of heroine?

Chris K: I think that it's a likelihood, just because these heroines are what the historical settings allow for; we all know how limited women's roles in society could be during certain eras. However, don't be surprised if you see several of our heroines break out of the original mold. We have some very clever writers working for us, and I'm sure they'll come up with some brilliant twists on the genre.

Barb S: For me Gothic heroes have always been the dark brooding, Master of the Castle types whose point of view we never really experienced. Will Candleglow romances feature this same type of hero? Will we see things from his point of view at all?

Chris K: Yes, I definitely think you'll be seeing a lot of this type of hero. And to retain the enigmatic nature of these heroes, their point of view will have to be limited. That's not to say that they'll be entirely passed over in the narrative, but these stories will be mostly be from the heroine's point of view. And to head you off at the pass and answer a question I'm sure many people will be asking, we're expecting most of these books to be written in third-person. We think that this will most likely be the most effective way to develop the sensuality of the books. We will accept first-person narratives, but are not restricting the line to them.

Barb S: The guidelines indicate that this line is open to stories involving paranormal elements. Being an old Dark Shadows fan my favorite characters were vampire Barnabas Collins, werewolf Quentin Collins, and the witch Angelique. Do you see this type of hero/heroine having a place in the Candleglow line or would they be more suited for single title paranormals?

Chris K: I think it's quite likely that these types of heroes will make appearances; you almost require them when you open a line to paranormal elements. However, since we're buying only the most sensual and well-crafted books that will be submitted, we'll have to see what our authors come up with.

Barb S: From a reader's standpoint the paranormal sub-genre of romance has always been with us and seems to be a mainstay of romance in general even though the titles themselves might not be as numerous as say straight historicals or contemporaries. Do you see paranormals as a perennial favorite? Do you think the number of paranormals being published will increase?

Chris K: As you are surely aware, Love Spell is the premiere publisher of paranormal romance. We've been doing time-travels and other paranormal sub genres for a long time and will continue to publish them for as long as there are fans. We've found that the paranormal audience-like the futuristic audience-while not enormous, is enormously faithful. However, I don't know that we'll see a huge increase in our already steady number of paranormal romances we publish each year. Because many of the books in Candleglow will be historical, we of course hope that our readers will continue to buy other romances on the strength of the line itself-this is always a great way to introduce new authors and to grow readership. And of course, it would be wonderful if we could entice some avid historical romance readers into trying paranormals, for I'm sure they would remain fans. However, first we'll need to see the reader response that we expect before we do anything more drastic than devote a line to them.

Barb S: E-publishers offer a wide variety of paranormals that might not so easily find homes with print houses in New York. Do you see the success of E-pubs as Dreams Unlimited and Starlight Writer Publications having influence on editorial tastes within traditional publishing houses? What of smaller print publishers such as Imajinn who specialize in futuristic and paranormal books?

Chris K: We can't speak for other houses, but we haven't really been effected by these smaller publishers. Our decisions have really only been influenced by the talents of our authors and by reader response.

Christopher Keeslar

Dorchester Senior Editor


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Candleglow Debuts

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Love Spell
January 2001
400 pages
ISBN: 0505524074

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Love Spell
January 2001
400 pages
ISBN: 0505524120

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Love Spell
March, 2001
390 pages
ISBN: 050552421


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