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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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May 2003

Making Romance Magic!

Update: Kathleen Nance

Kathleen Nance has always adored books, beginning with choosing Golden Books over napping, and this passion has led to a lifelong love of reading and creating stories. As a pharmacist, she wrote drug monographs and answers to medication questions, which strengthened her heartfelt appreciation for the pleasures of genre fiction. A Golden Heart and Rita finalist, she now finds creating compelling characters and can't-put-down plots is an irresistible challenge.

Kathleen, a transplanted Michigander, currently re-sides in New Orleans, along with her husband, three teenagers, and two cats. Besides being soccer mom and bell choir ringer, she enjoys reading (of course!), crossword puzzles, cooking, and scuba diving.

An Interview with Kathleen Nance

PNR: The hero of your upcoming June releases is SPELLBOUND, book 4 of your Djinn series. We've met the hero before in ENCHANTED, Leila's story. Zayne is the Minstrel of Kaf, the Djinn world. What is the responsibility of a Minstrel?

Kathleen N.: The Minstrel is the embodiment of Kaf; he is her soul and in his voice resides her harmony. Without his song, chaos ensues. Normally there are many Minstrels for this vital task, but fate has conspired to leave Zayne the only one currently, a burden he’s shouldered for many years alone.

PNR: Zayne struck us as being very self assured, extremely sensual, and much sought after by the women on Kaf. Things have changed since we last saw him. He is experiencing conflict? How does this affect Kaf and his people? How does this affect Zayne’s relationship with women?

Kathleen N.: Well, he's still self-assured, extremely sensual and much sought after by women. <G> But, his song no longer a source of peace and harmony. Instead it is filled with a strange, dark force that brings turmoil to his beloved world. He has to find a way to regain control, to restore his peace, or Kaf will be destroyed.

PNR: What does he feel must be done to change this situation?

Kathleen N.: Even though most djinn do not join with a zaniya (a soul mate), all Minstrels have had one, a woman whose voice is a worthy match for them. He decides that the strange unsettling forces are a sign that he must find his zaniya as well.

PNR: Zayne performs a divination to discover the identity of his soul mate. Why does he feel a zaniya is important to a Minstrel? Why is the revelation of his destiny a surprise to him? How does he feel about this prophecy?

Kathleen N.: He feels that she will provide his balance, settle the chaos inside him. The zaniya of a Minstrel is always a beautiful chanteuse, whose soul is as strongly
connected to Kaf as the Minstrel's. Boy is he in for a surprise, when the divination sends him to Terra (earth).

PNR: On Terra, Madeline Fairbanks is having performance troubles of her own. She has a debilitating fear of performing for an audience. What affect is this having on her life?

Kathleen N.: Lots!! She’s about to lose her job because of it, for one. And it has constricted her life in so many other, vital ways, as well.

PNR: How do Madeline and Zayne get together? What is their response to each other?

Kathleen N.: Isis's Aunt Tildy brings them together, in a fashion, when they both end up staying at her house. Their response to each other? Well, what would be your response to finding that you’re sharing a small home with an utterly gorgeous man with a voice like an angel? <wg> At least that's her response until she begins to wonder if he's a few notes short of a tune.

PNR: LOL! Tell us about the villain of the story, Madelin'’s reclusive stepfather Cyrus Cromwell. What is his involvement with the pair?

Kathleen N.: I don’t want to say too much about the plot, but Cyrus is truly evil. He is charismatic, but soulless and his involvement in the dark arts touches them

PNR: Although Zayne is certain that Madeline is 'the one' there are conditions that must be met. How does Madeline’s phobia affect their prospects?

Kathleen N.: The zaniya of a Minstrel must perform with him, soothing the land with her harmonies. Unfortunately, Madeline's phobia precludes any kind of performance. And, there’s the little matter of her being from Terra instead of Kaf to overcome. As well as a few other obstacles.

PNR: We won't ask anymore questions involving the plot. Suffice it to say that Zayne and Madeline will be faced with terrible choices and will come face to face with their worst fears, but of course there is a happy ending. There are so many possibilities when bringing two opposing worlds together. Will be seeing more tales combining Kaf and Terra? What about Jack Montgomery's twin?

Kathleen N.: I sure hope so. There are several people in the previous books, as well as some in SPELLBOUND, that I would love to write their stories. Several are tumbling around my mind, gradually taking shape. Currently, I'm waiting to hear about a proposal with Ram (one of Isis's brothers from More Than Magic), that I'm hoping they'll accept - so keep your fingers crossed. The focus in that one is more on Terran magic, and some rather interesting mages.

PNR: Will you be adding any more stories to the Sons of Olympus series, or can we expect something entirely new? What is next for Kathleen Nance?

Kathleen N.: I had originally intended the Sons of Olympus seriesas a trilogy, with Zeus and Hera’s story as the overriding arc. But, I had a lot of fun with them (and there's a lot of gods and wronged lovers left) and several people have asked me to write more, so i'd like to do another one. It’s a matter of finding the right story, and then seeing if my editor is interested.



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Love Spell
June 2003
384 pages
ISBN: 0505524864

SPELLBOUND - As the Minstrel of Kaf, Zayne kept the land of the djinn in harmony. Yet lately, raging desires and unquenchable yearnings were throwing his life into discord and wreaking havoc on his home. He needed a woman to restore balance to his life, a woman with whom he could blend his voice and his body. And according to his destiny, this soul mate could only be found in the strange land of Earth.

Madeline knew to expect a guest while house-sitting for her eccentric neighbor. However, she hadn't expected the man would be so sexy, so potent, so fascinated by the doorbell. Zayne may have been a disaster with modern amenities, but he certainly knew what made her tick. With one soul- stirring kiss, she saw colorful sparks dancing on the air. But Madeline wanted to make sure her handsome djinni wouldn't pull a disappearing act before she could allow herself to become utterly . . . Spellbound.

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