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by Barbara Sheridan
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April 2001

Romance...With a Little MYTH-Story!

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Update: Kathleen Nance

Kathleen Nance always loved books and stories, from her first Golden Books. A practical streak led to a career in pharmacy, including writing drug monographs and research papers and teaching at the University level. Eventually, though, she found herself stay-at-home Mom and decided it was time to put that dream of writing into practice. She returned to her first love--fiction. Seven years, and a lot of study later, her first book was published.

Currently, Kathleen lives in New Orleans with her husband, three teenagers, and two cats where she also fill s the roles of soccer mom and bell choir ringer.

Kathleen is a finalist for Romance Writers of America 2000 Rita Contest--Paranormal Category, and she has won RWA's Golden Heart, the Holt Medallion, the PRISM, and the SARA Rising Star Grand Prize. She has also been a finalist in the Romantic Times Bookstores That Care Award, the Northern Lights novella contest, the Colorado Award of Excellence, and the Booksellers Best contest.

Her current book is THE TRICKSTER, available 6/00, the first in a trilogy featuring the Greek god Zeus, in modern day, acting as matchmaker for descendants of the women he wronged. Next up is THE WARRIOR, available July 2001 and THE SOUL SEEKER. Other books include MORE THAN MAGIC, WISHES COME TRUE, and three novellas.

When PNR last spoke with Kathleen Nance, she had recently released the first book of her Sons of Olympus Series, THE TRICKSTER (Love Spell, June 2000). The second book of the series, THE WARRIOR is schedule to be released in June2001.

An Interview with Kathleen Nance

PNR: THE WARRIOR, the second book of the Son's of Olympus series is connected by more than the matchmaking Zeus and Hera. (Great cover by the way) The story takes place where "The Trickster" ends. This time the choice of woman is Hera's. She has chosen a descendant of Callisto in order to make amends. She had turned Callisto into a bear? What is her motive for choosing to mend Callie Gabriel's love life?

Kathleen N: Yeah, it is a great cover. <g> Hera chooses Callie because, despite what the myths say, Callisto is the only woman she actually harmed by her jealousy. The exiled Hera wants to go back home, and the only way she'll be granted a pardon is if she rights this wrong, by helping a descendent of Callisto.

PNR: We met Callie briefly in "The Trickster". She is a friend of Joy Taylor Hennessey, and a chef in her own right. A vegetarian chef. Joy had a terrible allergy to beef, a legacy of Io who Hera had turned into a cow. Does Callie have any characteristics that link back to Callisto's treatment at Hera's hands. How does that affect the story?

Kathleen N: Callie very definitely has some characteristics from the past. She's afraid of the outdoor wilderness and of being alone. She can't shake the feeling that something really bad is going to happen whenever she's alone or in the woods. Give her the bustling city surrounded by her family any time. Of course, the first time we meet Callie in the story, she's walking through the bayou, alone, trying to find Armond. And not doing a very good job of conquering her fears. For Callie's happy-ever-after, she's got to grow enough to face this part of herself. And of course, the climax of the story has to take part at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore <g>

PNR: We've met the hero as well. He is Armond Marceaux, Mark Hennessey's friend, and the FBI agent responsible for putting Guy Centurian, the villain of "The Trickster" behind bars. Like Mark, Armond is descended from a god? What is his legacy has he inherited?

Kathleen N: Armond is descended from Ares, the god of war. Like Hera, the myth-writers got a few things wrong with Ares. He' wasn't the bully and coward he's sometimes depicted in the myth, but the dispenser of justice, the righter of wrongs. (The myths took all his good qualities and gave them to the fictional Athena! <G>). Armond has a specific talent--to be able to sense evil and wrongdoing by a simple touch. To not be able to bring the criminals to justice would be a sure route to madness. But, there's no place for love in his life.

PNR: Armond and Callie have a history. Due to fears and other baggage, they parted. What effect does the arrest have on him? What brings him back to Callie's door? How is he received? Opposites definitely attract, but Armond is set on his dangerous career and Callie is afraid to take a risk on him. Once again they separate, but not before experiencing their very first night of passion. A child results from their night together?

Kathleen N: I put these two questions together, since they are sort of related. Armond knows arresting Guy Centurion was just the tip of the job - the criminal has many hidden ventures, and Armond is determined to see them all exposed. Honest refreshing Callie is the one pure, bright spot in his life, but a future together seems impossible. Until they accidentally create a child together, and until Armond is forced to reinvent himself and reexamine his beliefs when amnesia takes it all away.

PNR: The pregnancy is not a problem for Callie in itself. She comes from a long line of independent Gabriel woman. In fact her mother and sisters revel in that independence and take pride in raising their daughters alone. Callie is different though. What are her feelings about becoming a single mom?

Kathleen N: Callie loves the baby and wants to do the best that she can for her daughter. (Gabriel's always have daughters) Single motherhood is the norm in her family, and she knows she will have their love and support of her family-as long as she doesn't include Armond in the mix. Despite everything her family has taught her, deep down she cannot shake the belief that family means mother and father. She has a lot of fears and a lot of conditioning to battle, but that belief, and her love for Armond, keeps her trying.

PNR: Callie is not the only one with fears, Armond had grown up without a father too. His mother had been very bitter. How had this affected him?

Kathleen N: He is convinced that his path is one of solitude. He never tells anyone about his unique "talent" and he doesn't believe that love is a part of his life.

PNR: Against her families advice Callie wants to be fair and inform Armond of his impending fatherhood. Though Callie is unaware of it, something terrible has happened to Armond. He has no memory of her, in fact he has no memories at all. But his instincts are fully intact. Does he have an inkling of his feelings for Callie? What other ways do his instincts manifest themselves?

Kathleen N: His feelings for Callie are definitely instinctual and primal <wg> and no loss of memory can erase them. He sees them as lust, as protectiveness, as meeting a responsibility, however, not as love. He has the instincts of the hunter and warrior, as well. A gun feels as natural in his hand as his innate tendency toward secrecy and solitude. And there's that strange talent of his . . .

PNR: Callie is scheduled for a television tour for a show on wine and vegetarian cooking. Zeke and Harriet aka Zeus and Hera pose as make up and lighting experts to help the romance along. So far, so good, but another god is running this show. Tell us about Dion Bakkus. What is his role in the matchmaking scheme?

Kathleen N: Ah, Dion. He was a hoot to write. The god of wine, Dionysus, he manifests all the qualities of his wine -- the pleasure, the truth, the pain. He's the gadfly, the pest, the one always trying to stir the pot and keep things lively. And to make trouble for Callie and Armond.

PNR: Dion's interference aside, there are real villains who want to get Armond before he regains his memory. Guy Centurian's flunkies are not finished with Armond?

Kathleen N: Nope. They have some definite plans for him. And there's a traitor in the mix -- these are the true villains.

PNR: We won't ask what happens with Zeus and Hera's relationship, but we can guess. There will be a third story, The Seeker? The hero and heroine are descended from Leto and Hades? The heroine wouldn't happen to be Mark's magician friend, and Zeus' gal pal, Dia?

Kathleen N: Yes, Dia is the heroine of The Seeker. A woman who believes she hasn't a nurturing bone in her body (She's descended from Leda -- the woman seduced by a swan-Zeus who bore two sets of twins) and that psychics are all fakes.

She's also afraid of animals, especially large birds <g> The hero is Hugh Pendragon, whom you'll meet briefly in The Warrior, a detective who specializes in missing persons cases. What he doesn't advertise is his strange psychic talent to seek lost souls, which allows him his tremendous success. They meet when Dia ends up with her four nieces and nephews for the summer and she, not knowing his psychic talents, tries to hire him to find her missing sister.

PNR: Kathleen, we've heard rumors that the Djinn are making a come back. You are adding to the series that consists of the novels "Wishes Come True" and "More than Magic"?? When? What's next for Kathleen Nance?

Kathleen N: Yes, I've just agreed to a contract to write two more djinn stories. The first, tentatively titled Montgomery's Magic, is scheduled for a Sept 02 release and features Isis's brother Jack and a female djinn in a "the scientist and the temptress" type story <g>.


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Love Spell
June 2001
400 pages
ISBN: 0505524171


For centuries, cupid had been getting all the credit. But now Zeus and Hera had decided to put their matchmaking skills to the test. Yet teaching a self-reliant woman and a descendent of Ares - the god of war - to love was nothing short of a Herculean task.


Callie Gabriel grew up knowing that men meant trouble. The fiercely independent vegetarian chef managed her own restaurant and starred in a cooking show with a devoted following. Though she knew men only led to heartache, she couldn't help wanting to break through Armond Marceux's vener ofcasual elegance to the primal desires that lurked beneath.


Armond was dedicated to his job; so dedicated he
left Callie in order to pursue an undercover FBI assignment. He returned a broken man, his memories stolen by the criminal he sought to bring in. His mind couldn't remember Callie or the night of wild lovemaking that left her pregnant. But his body could never forget the feel of her curves against him. And even though Callie insisted she didn't need him, Armond needed her - for she was the key to stirring not only his memories but also his passions.


Callisto - Daughter of king Lycaon of Arcadia, who had been changed into a wolf for serving human flesh to Zeus. While she was accompanying Artemis on a hunt, Zeus caught sight of Callisto and, yet again, fell in love. He forced himself upon her, and a child was born from the union. Hera was furious and displayed her anger by turning the lovely Callisto into a bear.
From the Dictionary of Mythology - Callisto

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