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by Barbara Sheridan
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November 2000

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Kathleen Nance

Kathleen Nance always loved books and stories, from her first Golden Books. A practical streak led to a career in pharmacy, including writing drug monographs and research papers and teaching at the University level. Eventually, though, she found herself stay-at-home Mom and decided it was time to put that dream of writing into practice. She returned to her first love--fiction. Seven years, and a lot of study later, her first book was published.

Currently, Kathleen lives in New Orleans with her husband, three teenagers, and two cats where she also fill s the roles of soccer mom and bell choir ringer.

Kathleen is a finalist for Romance Writers of America 2000 Rita Contest--Paranormal Category, and she has won RWA's Golden Heart, the Holt Medallion, the PRISM, and the SARA Rising Star Grand Prize. She has also been a finalist in the Romantic Times Bookstores That Care Award, the Northern Lights novella contest, the Colorado Award of Excellence, and the Booksellers Best contest.

Her current book is THE TRICKSTER, available 6/00, the first in a trilogy featuring the Greek god Zeus, in modern day, acting as matchmaker for descendants of the women he wronged. Next up is THE WARRIOR, available July 2001 and THE SOUL SEEKER. Other books include MORE THAN MAGIC, WISHES COME TRUE, and three novellas.

An Interview with Kathleen Nance

Barb S: Kathleen all your novels to date have been paranormal romances, do you see yourself continuing to write paranormal beyond your current series?

Kathleen N: I thoroughly enjoy the paranormal romances and hope to continue writing them. I like the "something extra" the paranormal element brings to the romance as well as the opportunity for both humor and a darker edge and the chance to explore ideas from a different point of view. I also enjoy romantic suspense -- again that element of something extra with the romance.

Barb S: Your new series which began with The Trickster features romantic "interference" by the Zeus (aka Zeke Jupiter)who was once revered as a god. Your previous two novels feature hero's with special gifts. What made you decide to have make the fantasy character an outside influence in this series rather than the hero?

Kathleen N: I've always been fascinated by mythology and the stories that the gods of old may have been ancient astronauts. I also wondered, what if parts of the myths were true? Where and when the idea of Zeus as matchmaker came about, I can't really say, but once it came I couldn't let it go. I never saw him as the hero, however, only as a catalyst. And Hera? Well, I figured she probably got the raw end of the deal in her portrayal by the male myth-tellers. <g> She deserved a chance to set the record straight.

Barb S: What inspires Zeus to try his hand at matchmaking?

Kathleen N: He's getting older and nearing the end of his days (although still quite vigorous <wg>) . It's a time of life to take stock, to look back with additional wisdom. In that mood, he decides to try and right some old wrongs. He's also a wee bit bored, and ready for some new adventures Doesn't he have romantic problems of his own? Of course! I couldn't leave Hera out of this.

Barb S: The heroines in the series are descendants of Zeus's and mortal women. Are they mortal or do they have powers of their own. What about the heroes? The hero of The Trickster, Mark Hennessey is a bit magical, is he not?

Kathleen N: The heroines are all mortal -- no special powers. Although there are residual traits/outcomes that have persisted. For example, Joy in The Trickster (a descendant of Io, the one turned into a heifer) is allergic to beef and Callie in The Warrior (a descendant of Callisto, the one turned into a bear) is a staunch vegetarian. They also have a family history of bad luck in love. The heroes retain characteristics of the gods they are descended from. In each story, I've found, the hero's special gifts are stronger.

Barb S: I understand there is a great deal of humor in The Trickster. Is Zeus successful in his matchmaking, or do the couples get together in spite of him?

Kathleen N: I don't set out to write "funny" stories, but I find humor arises naturally from the people and situations in the stories. And we all need a little laughter in our lives.

As far as Zeus being successful, well, these are romances with a Happy Ever After ending <g>. These are couples who belong together, but sometimes it takes a little bit of prodding to help them see that. Of course, sometimes Zeus and Hera are also a little mistaken in who they're supposed to be matching.

Barb S: Zeus's wife Hera plays a role in the first book. Will we be seeing more of her in the remainder of the trilogy? Does she help Zeus or hinder him?

Kathleen N: Hera's definitely in the rest of the series. In fact, The Warrior focuses a bit more on her than on Zeus. As far as helping or hindering Zeus ...a little of both The Warrior also has the appearance of one of the other gods.

Barb S: Will the secondary romance be resolved by the end of the series?

Kathleen N: Yes.

Barb S: Many of the paranormal romance readers enjoyed your Djinn stories. Do you foresee writing more of these stories in the future? What is next for Kathleen Nance?

Kathleen N: I'm working on The Soul-Seeker, the 3rd book in the Sons of Olympus series now, and hope it will be out late next year. I'm also readying two new proposals. One is another djinn story and I have ideas for a couple of others. (Jared definitely deserves his own story!) The other is still paranormal, but a totally different concept from the djinn or the gods. And a lot of fun. I just can't seem to resist these extraordinary heroes.



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Love Spell
June 13, 2000
400 pages
ISBN: 0505523825

THE TRICKSTER - Long after she's given up on his return, Matthew Mark Hennessy strolls back into Joy Taylor's life, bolder than Hermes when he stole Apollo's cattle. But Joy is no longer the girl who had so easily trusted him with her heart. An aspiring chef, she has no intention of being distracted by the fireworks the magician sparks in her. But with a kiss silkier than her custard cream, he melts away her defenses. And she knows the master showman has performed the greatest trick of all: setting her heart afire.

Mark has traveled to Louisiana to uncover the truth, not to rekindle an old passion. But Joy sets him sizzling. It is not her cooking that has him salivating, but the sway of her hips. And though magicians never divulge their secrets, Joy tempts him to confide his innermost desires. In a flash Mark realizes their passion is no illusion, but the magic of true love.

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