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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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May 2003 Issue

Making Romance Magic!

Update: Karen Fox

Karen Fox always had stories taking place in her head and started putting them on paper when she was 12. A fan of science fiction, her first tales incorporated distant worlds and a hint of romance. After discovering romance novels, she found what she wanted to write--stories of the love between a man and woman that survived no matter what happened to them.

Married for 24 years to a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Karen is mother to three teen-agers and works as a technical assistant for The MITRE Corporation. She considers herself a world traveler having lived in Tacoma, WA; Charleston, SC; Mons, Belgium; Biloxi, MS; and settling finally in Fountain,CO.

An Interview with Karen Fox

PNR: Karen the last time we spoke we were awaiting the arrival of the BUTTERCUP BABY, sequel to your first faerie tale PRINCE OF CHARMING. In the first tale Robin Goodfellow a faerie halfling finds true love in the mortal realm. Robin embraces mortality because of his love for Kate Carmichael and together have a son they name Brandon who is born mortal as well. Brandon is the hero of your new release IMPRACTICAL MAGIC. What problems has mortality posed for Brand and how has it shaped his adult life?

Karen F.: Brand has always been obsessed with magic, doing card tricks as a child,perfecting his craft, until he became a renown illusionist as an adult.
Hedidn't learn about his father once being Fae until he was in his teens. Then Brand felt betrayed, unable to understand why his father gave up something that he desires so much.

PNR: In BUTTERCUP BABY, Ariel Queen of the Pillywiggins loses favor with the faerie queen for defending Robin, but the king takes pity on her and sends her to check on his grandson. Ariel falls in love with the baby and wishes for one of her own. To do so she must seduce a mortal man. She doesn't plan on falling in love with Rand Thayer, but he is more special than she could imagine and she too chooses to remain the mortal realm. Their union produces Rose, the heroine of
IMPRACTICAL MAGIC. Something unprecedented occurs when Rose is born, tell us what happens.

Karen F.: Rose is the first baby born to a female Fae. There is a reason that doesn't happen often. When Rose was born to Ariel, she took all her mother's magic and immortality into herself, leaving Ariel mortal and magic-less. Fortunately, the magic doesn't show itself until puberty. Can you imagine a five-year-old with magic?

PNR: What kind of relationship have Brand and Rose had over the years?

Karen F.: Because of the friendship of their parents, Brand and Rose grew up together as best friends, along with Rose's cousin, Sequoia. Once they entered puberty, that friendship was beginning to turn into something more until the appearance of Rose's magic changed everything.

PNR: Why has Rose returned? What is Brand's response to her arrival?

Karen F.: Rose has worked hard to make a name for herself as a journalist doing expose's on magicians. Though she doesn't use her power to reveal their secrets, she does use her knowledge of magic to see through their illusions. Now she's been sent to do an expose' on the one person she really doesn't want to hurt--Brand. Brand, of course, is not happy about this. Revealing how the illusions are done ruins the appeal of his shows for everyone. At the same time, he can't deny that some feelings still remain for what they once shared.

PNR: Brand believes his stipulation that Rose use no magic to attain her expose' will make the task near impossible. How does Rose react to the challenge? Is
it more difficult than she expected to keep her promise?

Karen F.: Brand saw Rose use her magic throughout high school so he's convinced she can't do anything without it. He challenges her to not use it at all while she writes her expose and stipulates that she has to leave if she does. He figures she won't make it a day without slipping. Rose can never refuse a dare, especially from Brand. She doesn't believe she uses her magic that much and accepts without hesitation. It's only when reality starts kicking in that she sees maybe she has used magic a little more than she though and has to readjust to life without it. She quickly learns that she needs to allow a lot more time for things.

PNR: It is very clear that Brand still has stron feeling for Rose and finally even he can't deny them. Surprisingly it is Rose, who has loved him all along, who holds back. Why?

Karen F.: She's afraid. He hurt her very badly when he destroyed their friendship over her magic. No matter how strong their attraction, she can't believe he'll ever forgive her for having what he so desperately wants. He might want to kiss her, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop resenting her when she uses her magic.

PNR: Readers will remember that Rand Thayer has lots of sisters. You've introduced Rose's cousin, Sequoia in this story. She has been Rose's best friend as well as Brand's assistant over the years Rose has been gone. In this story, she seems to have formed an attachment of her own, to Ewan a faerie send by Titania to bring Rose to live in the faerie realm. Naturally for a happy ending, he will fail at his task. Will these two have a story of their own?

Karen F.: I had hoped to write a story for Ewan and Sequoia, but Berkley just turned down my proposal due to low numbers so I guess there aren't going to be any more Fae books for a while, if ever. But, rest assured, Ewan and Sequoia do end up happily ever after.

PNR: Tell us about your next release for Zebra, A TOUCHOF CHARM book 2 of the Three Graces series.

A TOUCH OF CHARM is about one of three sisters named after the Three Graces--Belle, Charisma and Grace. Unfortunately, none of them resembles their names: Belle isn't beautiful, Charisma is far from charming and Grace is a klutz. They make a wish before the Three Graces rock formation in Garden of the Gods to obtain the attributes of their names and the Three Graces decide to help them out.

Charisma is outspoken and chaffs at the restrictions surrounding ladies from respectable families in 1882 Colorado Springs, but she wants to be charming. Especially after she meets Will Barclay, a young man running for the Colorado Senate. He needs an escort to functions that won't expect romance and Charisma badly wants to make a difference. They team up, but a young woman who speaks her mind and a gentleman struggling to win votes create a lot of friction and that's not counting the sparks of attraction.

The first book, BELLE OF THE BALL by Pam McCutcheon, was out in January
2003 and tells Belle's story of her search for beauty, while Von Jocks is
doing SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE, Grace's story, which will be out in 2004.

PNR: What's next for Karen Fox?

Karen F.: Good question. Wish I knew. I am working on a couple fantasys--one aimed for the Luna line and another dark fantasy. And as with most writers I have a slew of ideas simmering in my brain. Keep your fingers crossed.




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Karen Fox



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